Today In Streatham

Partners in Slime. The amount of glue, glitter, pots we also use at home… ūüėā I love the Science in Action but the chemicals in some of the crap my daughter uses, eww. And the plastic. On a healthier note. Last night. Creative Cousins decorated gingerbread biscuits. With various e-numbers, sugar and preservatives. They thoroughly enjoyed it. This morning, whilst in Shavassana pose, the puppy found one of their tiny blue smarties abandoned on the floor. She then climbed all over my face and bounced around the house. Currently bundled in her basket. Chocolate is dangerous for dogs eh? Hopefully … Continue reading Today In Streatham

How I long to ‘BE’-Long

In 1998, ¬†I read a book to my Year 3 class called ‘Dumpling’ by Dick King Smith. It’s a story about an especially short Dachshund (sausage dog) who longs to be-long. We really enjoyed the story, the play on words and ¬†other titles in this series such as ‘Omnibomulator’ and ‘Blessu’ Yesterday, a friend was talking to me about ‘longing’and asked me for advice on how to ¬†deal with this sensation. I suggested they sit, close their eyes and notice what they long for, allow it to be there, have courage and observe it, thank it for popping by and … Continue reading How I long to ‘BE’-Long

Can we make the school run more fun?

School Run Fun!¬† Picture the following scene, is this a typical morning for you – The children are dressed, ¬†bags are packed, stationery organised, homework complete and filed, healthy and nutritious breakfast eaten, everyone is laughing and talking with their cleaned shiny teeth, polished shoes are on, children are best friends and skip merrily into school, you are the happiest, connected, organised parent on the playground. For many parents we speak to this simply isn’t¬†the case and that’s OK, the reality is somedays can be frantic and others fantastic. How can we set ourselves up for the day as we … Continue reading Can we make the school run more fun?

‘When children engage their senses with the world around them, they feel happier and more hopeful about life’ Marie Manuchehri

Finding Magic in the Woods with Luke. Walk. Breathe. Stop. Notice. Smell. Breathe. Listen. Repeat ‘When children engage their senses with the world around them, they feel happier and more hopeful about life‘ Marie Manuchehri ‘Stop being weird mum’ Chakra Number 2 JT x #rewildthechild #mindfulness #summerfunandlearning Continue reading ‘When children engage their senses with the world around them, they feel happier and more hopeful about life’ Marie Manuchehri

Family Yoga Flow

Yoga At Home¬† Would you like to have time during the week for yoga with your children, a time to connect, play, laugh, stretch, relax learn from each other and grow? ¬†Perhaps you are finding it tricky to find a class and time to suit. ¬†Practising yoga at home with your family can tick a lot of these boxes. I’m going to share some ideas below for ways I’ve weaved it into my family life over the past 11 years and hope it gives you some ideas and confidence to try it at home too. Post Natal Yoga When my … Continue reading Family Yoga Flow

A MindSpace Space – Possibilities

What do you do to stay in a high vibe for the day – maybe meditation, prayer, walking, yoga, affirmations, mantras, exercise, journaling, etc works for you? With a full moon tomorrow and inspiration from the Olympics, it’s a great week to review intentions/goals and create new ones. Lots online about this too if it’s your bag. I’m enjoying being at home this week and having some creative head space, been adding to my working ‘mind-space’ wall, refreshed my goals – personal, family, financial, business, physical, spiritual and charity – and the children are working on theirs too. Over the … Continue reading A MindSpace Space – Possibilities

In One Ear & Out the Other

Executive Functioning Memory – I’d never heard of this up until the past couple of years when I taught with a colleague who had ¬†difficulties with it and pointed out I might have too! ¬†I’ve read widely and extensively around it now and can see how difficulties in EFM present themselves so broadly in both children and adults. It’s definitely not a one size fits all approach. I was the child at school who would sit there and listen determined to learn and it would go in one ear out the other and then I’d start playing up, distracting, talking, … Continue reading In One Ear & Out the Other

Lesson from a Festival – Connection, Collaboration and Community

This weekend my family and I have been at a festival called ¬†‘Camp Bestival’. ¬†It’s something we’ve done for almost 8 years and has become our main summer holiday. We all love adventure and variety, but there’s something quite comforting about going back to the festival each year, the children love it and there’s always so many unexpected surprises. I think the children also enjoy it so much because it connects us very much as a family, we aren’t distracted and are more physically, mindfully and heart-fully there for each other. 4 nights under canvas and ¬†5 days wandering around … Continue reading Lesson from a Festival – Connection, Collaboration and Community