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Random Acts of Self Kindness for Kids

Today was a return visit to supply teach a lovely and lively Year 6 class.

On the wall, I noticed a poster their teacher had created for Kindness Awards. We talked about the kind things they had done for others.

I asked them what they had also done to be kind to themselves so far today. This is what they came up with:Be Kind To Yourself (2)

  • Had a drink
  • Started with a healthy breakfast
  • Smiled at themselves in the mirror
  • Yawned!
  • Spoken  a kind word to themselves
  • Exercised

We talked about how looking after ourselves by being kind to our mind, body and heart would put us in a great space to also be kind to others.

What have you done to be kind to you today?

JT x

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How I long to ‘BE’-Long

In 1998,  I read a book to my Year 3 class called ‘Dumpling’ by Dick King Smith. It’s a story about an especially short Dachshund (sausage dog) who longs to be-long. We really enjoyed the story, the play on words and  other titles in this series such as ‘Omnibomulator’ and ‘Blessu’


Yesterday, a friend was talking to me about ‘longing’and asked me for advice on how to  deal with this sensation.

I suggested they sit, close their eyes and notice what they long for, allow it to be there, have courage and observe it, thank it for popping by and be curious and kind. Could they take a 360 view of the longing and explore it from all angles.

Often longing is something heartfelt, personal and unique to us, it can also be painful.

It is a reminder of who we are.

With the help of some magic from the witch’s cat, Dumpling did get longer, however after many unfortunate adventures later he ‘longs’ to be short once more.

So if today you are longing for something be it love, peace, happiness, security, sweets, beer, wine – well it is Friday – just sit and notice it for a moment first.

Longing is a reminder of who we are, delve deep – we are what we long for – it’s inside – discover your own magic.

Jane x




Can we make the school run more fun?

School Run Fun! 

Picture the following scene, is this a typical morning for you –

The children are dressed,  bags are packed, stationery organised, homework complete and filed, healthy and nutritious breakfast eaten, everyone is laughing and talking with their cleaned shiny teeth, polished shoes are on, children are best friends and skip merrily into school, you are the happiest, connected, organised parent on the playground.

school run

For many parents we speak to this simply isn’t the case and that’s OK, the reality is somedays can be frantic and others fantastic.

How can we set ourselves up for the day as we intend to go on? How can we create an organised, calm morning where we all feel positive and set for the day.

First of all look after you, here’s 6 ideas:

Try to get up before your family – some Mind Space before the noise, it might just be a quiet cup of tea on the sofa, a meditation, journalling (see previous posts),  yoga, a walk simply in the garden,  other exercise. Whatever it is that gives you some time out before everyone else is up. Alternatively if mornings really aren’t your thing you may prefer to lie down and …

Breathe put your hands on your tummy and breathe in deeply for a count of 4, holding for 2 and then breathing out again for 4, holding for 2, repeat several time and just notice calm and relaxed it makes you feel.

Visualise how you would like your morning to go and how you would like to be within the morning – mentally take yourself through the steps the morning school run requires. Can you make it more playful and fun is it possible to laugh at a lost sock, breakfast spill or tooth cleaning drama?

Smile at yourself, feel your smile let it radiate out and see the humour in the morning!

Hug Yourself  Yes Really! Whilst this next tip sounds a bit weird, strange and maybe uncomfortable to do – give yourself a hug. If you feel good about you this will transmit to your family.  Later when they are up you can share your smile and hug with them too and your teenagers can say ‘oh get off me mum’

Affirmations – If you use or write affirmations now is a good time to say and repeat them to create feelings of positivity and to bring you to the present moment, for example you might have some written down like –

I am grateful for…
Today I will be… peaceful, calm, kind, playful, fun etc make up your own

Daily Habits write out simple daily habits on the board for yourself with things such as: top up water bottle to carry around, healthy snack pot, phone charged, and so on you can add to the list. Encourage your children to do the same,

Danceyes raise your energy and dance! Even better get your kids involved!

Sometimes people say to me that when they get up from doing these morning rituals they start to rush about and loose the positive mindset and sense of calm. It will require concious effort to do sustain it – like all things that are good for us.

Regularly check in with how you feel, put up post-its to remind yourself and even ping messages on your phone – whatever works for you. Over time you will notice yourself more in this great space,  it’s important to create a daily routine and habit to start with.

Hope this helps to make the school run fun

Jane Tyson x

Did you enjoy this post? Perhaps you could share it with someone you think would benefit. There’s also a comment section below, would be lovely to hear about your morning routine and any top tips you have that work for you and your family.


Resilience Mentor for children and adults

Since writing this post my kids are now walking to school no more getting in the car with them, it’s a new adventure… 

‘When children engage their senses with the world around them, they feel happier and more hopeful about life’ Marie Manuchehri

Finding Magic in the Woods with Luke.

Walk. Breathe. Stop. Notice. Smell. Breathe. Listen. Repeat

‘When children engage their senses with the world around them, they feel happier and more hopeful about life‘ Marie Manuchehri

‘Stop being weird mum’


Chakra Number 2

JT x

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Mindfulopoly – Connection Through Collaboration & Play

My daughter’s main love language is ‘time’, for many children and adults ‘time is love’ Over the past 5 days we’ve played monopoly together. We’ve only got a little travel, she gets it all out and blu tacs the hotels in place each day. We play for about 30 – 45 minutes (her choice) and then take a photo of where we’ve got up to for the next time, and leave it out if possible. Yesterday,  I’d left the window ajar and the money blew everywhere.  With only 2 of us playing I feel this game could go on for about a year.


We’ll get a new one soon

Phones and computers go off, head and heart connect, and present moment sits with us. We Mindfulopoly.  I’ve had to learn to not be bored when playing a board game, it wasn’t my thing really mainly because I wanted to be too physically and mentally on the go, she was the one teaching me a lesson.

I really look forward to this space we’ve been sharing together as I’ve seen how such a simple thing has deepened our connection. It’s sometimes working out the correct connection isn’t it? Next week it might be something different,  she certainly keeps me on my toes, well it’s a boot this week.



Details of my next workshop – Correction Through Connection

Family Yoga Flow

Yoga At Home 

Would you like to have time during the week for yoga with your children, a time to connect, play, laugh, stretch, relax learn from each other and grow?  Perhaps you are finding it tricky to find a class and time to suit.  Practising yoga at home with your family can tick a lot of these boxes.

I’m going to share some ideas below for ways I’ve weaved it into my family life over the past 11 years and hope it gives you some ideas and confidence to try it at home too.

Post Natal Yoga

When my children were babies/toddlers I used to plug in a ‘Yoga for Post Natal Vitality‘ DVD with Wendy Teasdil and do a little here and there with them crawling over me and joining in. I figured they would just get used to the idea that ‘Mum’ did yoga and what it was. I don’t think there was so much online yoga around 10 years ago, now there is an abundance.  It wasn’t always that relaxing however it got me moving and I always felt better.

Yoga for Kids

As they grew, they often used to ask for this rather ackward yet fun happy clappy SunDance clip, and go around singing it. There’s other videos out there to choose from including the onesie lady from Cosmic Kids.

If you google ‘yoga for kids posters’ there’s loads you can print off like the one below. Have fun working through them and then you can make up your own stories, rhymes, games and moves. There aren’t any rules, you don’t have to stick to the names nobody is going to be judging or marking you. There’s also lots of yoga for kids books online and cards you could use if you wanted to take it further, but I don’t recommend spending as they will come up with plenty of ideas and there’s lots of free yoga support about.

How Long Should Yoga Take – Family Flow

There is no should, sometimes just 2 to 5 minutes of gentle breath work or holding a downward facing dog pose, can be enough to change a state.  What is your intention for doing it as this moment as a family – calm, joy, playfulness, energy, sleep?   if you are using online yoga choose a length that intuitively suits you.  if you are sharing yoga moves together and making them up just go with the family flow.

Yoga Begins in Savasanah

It is important to  rest in savasanah at the end, as yoga begins in this pose! It’s not easy for children to be still, however it’s good to model this pose, you can always play sleeping lions as an introduction. If you’ve had an energetic practice savasanah restores balance to the central nervous system, omitting it from our practice can leave us a little wired rather than relaxed, same for the kids.

abc yoga

Yoga with Older Children

My children are now 12 and 10 and they do sometimes join in with me, what I have noticed is that my son he is very keen on fitness, and he will often do his press ups alongside my yoga practice!  He’s been used to seeing me practice it daily.    It’s there if the children want it and I know it’s had/having a positive impact on them.  As they are older I’m not so restricted and get out more, if I can’t schedule in a class for myself at the leisure centre, then I’ll use this  fantastic online yoga platform which I subscribe too, there’s a few kids and teenagers classes on here as well – online yoga classes

Would love to know what works best for you and what resources you use, please do comment below.

Jane Tyson

In One Ear & Out the Other

Executive Functioning Memory –

I’d never heard of this up until the past couple of years when I taught with a colleague who had  difficulties with it and pointed out I might have too!  I’ve read widely and extensively around it now and can see how difficulties in EFM present themselves so broadly in both children and adults. It’s definitely not a one size fits all approach.

I was the child at school who would sit there and listen determined to learn and it would go in one ear out the other and then I’d start playing up, distracting, talking, not concentrating – the class clown. I had no idea that it might be down to difficulties in my EFM, don’t think the words existed back then. I had trouble sequencing, remembering, recall,  organising my time, prioritising, sometimes I’d just be in a fog. I requested to be moved down into lower streams as the teachers spoke slowler and more clearly and gave me more time to understand new concepts. My confidence in my academic abilities was low and I often ‘failed’ and felt a failure. 

I found other ways to get round learning and exams and eventually made it to University where I studied modules on Special Educational Needs, Psychology, Presentation skills, Different learning styles, Theories of motivation, Memory and more. I learned new approaches to learning such as mind mapping, colour coding and pneumonics,  it was such an exciting, refreshing and reassuring time for me and I started to love learning and didn’t care I couldn’t remember it all.

When I went into teaching my passion was always for the ‘naughty’ children, the kids who couldn’t get started on things, finish work, easily distracted, low self esteem and low confidence as having gone through similar I knew strategies to help them and I had patience and empathy.

I’m co-presenting a workshop entitled ‘Raising a Special Needs Family’ on September 9th, perhaps you know someone who might benefit from the tools, techniques and strategies we’ll be sharing and would to meet some parents going through the same as them too?


Jane x