Are we teaching our kids to DO stress?

is all the talk about stress, worry and anxiety causing kids to be more stressed, worried and anxious?
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What Will You Settle On Today?

What will you settle on today? Some people love being preoccupied with thoughts. Thoughts provide them with constant entertainment, interaction, they believe thinking is important. They are addicted to distraction and fearful of boredom, inner silence, or feeling alone without them. Our minds are often likened to busy monkeys leaping from tree to tree or butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. We are good at multitasking, reacting, and scanning for the pleasant, unpleasant or neutral and choosing all the time between them. Life is fast paced, work is busy, families are doing, schools are cramming… So what can we settle … Continue reading What Will You Settle On Today?

Hishy, Hashy, Hoshy

A Random Diablog Laughter, Play and Poetry I am an IamBic Master Practitioner –  IamBe was the goddess of Laughter, Play and Rhyme,  I’ve written about her before here. My Communication and Connection Model is based on these principles with metaphorical flashing!  For may years I have explored the benefits of  ‘play’ in both little and big people and most mornings I set an intention to be playful and to not sweat the small stuff. This week, I found a vintage red suitcase in a skip, I’m often on the look out for them,  it was a bit rusty and tired but it … Continue reading Hishy, Hashy, Hoshy

Screens Dividing, Parents Siding, Kids Stressed & Colliding?

☀️☀️☀️A Parenting Model for Behavioural Transformation☀️☀️☀️ Screens Dividing Parents Siding Kids Stressed & Colliding? Tired of nagging, shouting, falling out, blaming, feeling exhausted and even at times feeling like a parenting failure? Join our workshop – “Family Connection – The Be Say Do Have MethodⒸ”  Want to learn simple ways to communicate and connect as a family?  Join Jane  and Aypee  #LWWDEvent #familyconnection #iambe #parenting #besaydohave Continue reading Screens Dividing, Parents Siding, Kids Stressed & Colliding?