Are You Paying Attention?

One day the small things become the big things. Continue reading Are You Paying Attention?

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

A Random DiaBlog A Post from 2016… We watched the Blues Brothers last night – It’s 236 miles to York I’ve got a tank full of gas Half a pack of salt and vinegar crinkles It’s light And I’m wearing glasses Hit it! ‘Move ’em on, head ’em up, Head ’em up, move ’em on, Move ’em on, head ’em up Rawhide. Keep Rolling & Playing On a mission of GodūüėČ Jane Tyson I am who I say I am And Who I say I am That is Who I am #BeSayDoLove¬†#bluesbrothers #play #iambeic #frustrationexpert Continue reading Rolling, Rolling, Rolling


A Random DiaBlog How Often Do you Notice you are Dis-Trackted? Our path in life is not always clear, actually it’s pretty unclear for most of us. For those of you who have worked out your main route (congratulations), you might notice though how often you get side-tracked, dis-track–ted, or even lost, but that’s all just perfectly how it’s meant to be. ¬† Sometimes, it maybe just a little tiring not feeling on track,¬† it might be like being pulled in different directions and even trodden on. When we do slow down and take time out, how easy do you … Continue reading Distrackted

A PLAYce to BE

A PLAYce to BE. ¬† ‘The essence of creativity comes from play which feeds and nurtures our souls‘ Goldie Hawn. ¬† This afternoon I’m running my ‘Playful / Random’ workshop at Clandon Wood. ¬† My intention is to create a monthly ‘space’ for 8 adults (big kids) and a PLAYce to explore ways to BE – to relax, play, share, support and create. ¬† Today, we will – learn ways we can be more connected to self, friends and family explore how to listen more effectively take a short mindful Autumn walk draw a little write a poem create an … Continue reading A PLAYce to BE