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Are You Paying Attention?

The simplest things in life can have the most profound effects.

Would you agree?


Papayas Pinched by the Monkeys

Our porch in Tanzania was overlooked by a volcano called Mount Meru, breathtaking on clear days.

Monkeys would climb the papaya tree, pinching fruit, often boldly entering the house.

Grazes, rashes or burns eased with juice from the aloe vera

The children played on the grass infront, or went off on adventures around the vast school campus.

Adults strolled together through the surrounding villages and coffee plantations.

It’s not always easy to measure the impact an experience has on us.

A conversation with a stranger.

A connection with a family member or friend.

A family adventure

Are you paying attention?

Jane Tyson
Solving World Problems One Mum at a Time


Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

A Random DiaBlog

A Post from 2016… We watched the Blues Brothers last night –

It’s 236 miles to York
I’ve got a tank full of gas
Half a pack of salt and vinegar crinkles
It’s light
And I’m wearing glasses
Hit it!

blues brothers

‘Move ’em on, head ’em up,
Head ’em up, move ’em on,
Move ’em on, head ’em up

Keep Rolling & Playing

On a mission of GodūüėČ

Jane Tyson

I am who I say I am
And Who I say I am
That is Who I am

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A Random DiaBlog

How Often Do you Notice you are Dis-Trackted?

Our path in life is not always clear, actually it’s pretty unclear for most of us. For those of you who have worked out your main route (congratulations), you might notice though how often you get side-tracked, dis-track–ted, or even lost, but that’s all just perfectly how it’s meant to be.
Sometimes, it maybe just a little tiring not feeling on track,  it might be like being pulled in different directions and even trodden on.
When we do slow down and take time out, how easy do you find it to be quiet and gentle on yourself? There’s always lots of other things we need to DO and our head is busy thinking about them… a¬†wash to put on, a meal to cook, a blog to write,¬† shopping to buy, kids to collect, paperwork to complete, an email to answer, a room to decorate, a lawn to mow, a car to hoover…¬† I’ve met people who feel guilty if they sit down. It’s really important to allow yourself time out though, whatever it is that helps you to settle and quieten, to get back on one of your tracks.

Wake Up and Smell The Trees

Whichever path you are on,  remember to look up and smell the trees, take time to pause and be gentle and kind to you.


It may help to visualise roots growing from your feet holding you strong and  supporting you.


Take a few nice deep breathes to slow your pace and just notice.

¬†Wherever I lay my path, that’s my home¬†
Just imagine the path is running through you, down through your centre, it is you. You are the path.¬† Where you are is your path. And by noticing where you and imagining this path, it may help you to stay more aligned with it and help you to place it gently onto the course you’d like it be on once more.
Everything is a perfect path, it’s OK to get sidetracked and distrackted all part of the twists and turns of life .

A PLAYce to BE

A PLAYce to BE.
The essence of creativity comes from play which feeds and nurtures our souls‘ Goldie Hawn.
This afternoon I’m running my ‘Playful / Random’ workshop at Clandon Wood.
My intention is to create a monthly ‘space’ for 8 adults (big kids) and a PLAYce to explore ways to BE – to relax, play, share, support and create.

Today, we will –

  • learn ways we can be more connected to self, friends and family
  • explore how to listen more effectively
  • take a short mindful Autumn walk
  • draw a little
  • write a poem
  • create an Autumn mandala
  • understand the ‘upward spiral’ for good mental health
  • breathe
  • do the Hokey Cokey!
It’s from 2.30pm to 4.30pm today at the beautiful nature reserve and natural burial ground Clandon Wood.
We will also ‘eat beautifully’ – I’ll provide teas and healthy snacks.
EI3R9958 (2)
Come along to see what magic we can create together.
It’s random.
Jane x
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Why did Iambe Flash?

Iambe was a Greek Goddess, the daughter of Pan and Echo.

One day, whilst working close to the city of Athens, Iambe met Demeter. Demeter had come down to earth from the heavens, consumed with grief for the loss of her daughter Persephone, who  unknown to her had been kidnapped by Hades in the underworld.  Demeter was not eating,  drinking, talking or smiling and this was also depleting and destroying the surrounding lands.

In one account,  Iambe in an act of sisterhood, connects and communicates with Demeter’s head and heart by flashing at her and telling jokes, which shocks Demeter, makes her laugh and transforms her state of grief! Demeter begins to eat, drink and smile again,  which restores balance and harmony to the lands and people around.


What do you want to BE when you grow up?

Adults who work with me experience:

improved inner wellbeing
more empowering relationships
less stress
greater clarity and focus
more confidence
improved self-compassion
ncreased productivity and efficiency
fewer power struggles

Searching for a word to¬† encompass a name for my myriad transformational techniques, I looked up to the sky to request a word! 3 days later ‘IAmBe’¬† arrived at Waterloo Station.

Sipping tea and waiting for a grieving friend in a coffee shop called¬†BeNuGo at Waterloo,¬† I considered this name. Was it a play on words – be nu go? My Random Dialogues partner and I, @aypeeinstagram (RIP) had also been reciting a mantra linked to our combined BeSayDoHave‚íł behaviour model:

‚ÄėI am who I say I AM
Because what I say I am
That is who I am‚Äô ‚íł

So in the spaces, I questioned who ‚ÄėI am BEing‚Äô¬†and played with these words and created IamBE. Upon Googling it I found out she was the goddess who¬†communicates and connects¬†through¬†Play¬†&¬†Poetry and changes peoples state. Just what an IAmBeic Master Practitioner doesūüėČ

PS I metaphorically Flash.

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‚ÄėIambic‚Äô verse also stems from Iambe’s name and her jokes and playful nature and was often used by Shakespeare in his plays and sonnets, an example being ‚ÄėTo Be or not to Be‚Äô.

‘I Am that I Am’ the common English translation of the response God used in the Hebrew Bible when Moses asked for his name (Exodus 3:14).

 Come and Play

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