8 Ways To Ease Grief

8 Ways to Ease Grief for the Book of 8. My father passed away in April 2019 , my business partner in December 2017 and my best friend in 1988. These are techniques I use to ease the pain. Continue reading 8 Ways To Ease Grief

Presently Purple

A Random Diablog Is there a colour you are drawn to in this moment and have you considered why? As a child, my father encouraged my sister and I to ‘Think Purple’. Presently, I’m enjoying purple and am exploring its meanings. My sister wrote a blog on it, as she named her art studios in Australia ‘Think Purple Art Studios’, so I’ve pasted snippets of her reflections below- 💜What is Think Purple?💜 To ‘Think purple’ means to live every moment in the perfect balance of joy, happiness and positivity. Living a life in this way is contagious and rubs off … Continue reading Presently Purple