Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

A Random DiaBlog A Post from 2016… We watched the Blues Brothers last night – It’s 236 miles to York I’ve got a tank full of gas Half a pack of salt and vinegar crinkles It’s light And I’m wearing glasses Hit it! ‘Move ’em on, head ’em up, Head ’em up, move ’em on, Move ’em on, head ’em up Rawhide. Keep Rolling & Playing On a mission of GodūüėČ Jane Tyson I am who I say I am And Who I say I am That is Who I am #BeSayDoLove¬†#bluesbrothers #play #iambeic #frustrationexpert Continue reading Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Adults stop playing because they worry they might fall over.

A Lesson From the Brownies¬† Another ‘Random’ workshop with the Brownies this evening. ¬† Before we did some moves, mindset and mindlessness, I did a little research for my ‘adult’ playful / random / mindlessful workshop this Saturday and asked them 3 questions – ¬† What does the word ‘play’ mean to you? – ¬† Friends Games Tablet Donuts ¬† ‘Why Do Adults Stop Playing’? ¬† Because of us They haven’t got time They give up They can’t play, don’t know how to Too old to be chased Worried about falling over We are faster than them and they get … Continue reading Adults stop playing because they worry they might fall over.

What Will You Settle On Today?

What will you settle on today? Some people love being preoccupied with thoughts. Thoughts provide them with constant entertainment, interaction, they believe thinking is important. They are addicted to distraction and fearful of boredom, inner silence, or feeling alone without them. Our minds are often likened to busy monkeys leaping from tree to tree or butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. We are good at multitasking, reacting, and scanning for the pleasant, unpleasant or neutral and choosing all the time between them. Life is fast paced, work is busy, families are doing, schools are cramming… So what can we settle … Continue reading What Will You Settle On Today?

Whooo Cares

A Random DiaBlog Lessons from a Wise Owl What does it feel like to you when your relationships are in balance, you are relaxed and calm, you have clarity, ¬†focus, confidence, connection and you get thing done efficiently with few power struggles? This weekend I’ve been on a truly special Connected Communications Course¬†created and run by the wonderful and wise Lis Cashin – ¬†2 days with very inspirational women exploring Lis’ R.E.A.L approach. Meditation on an Owl Since I was a young child I’ve been fascinated with Owls, I often hear them and see them and it’s only in the … Continue reading Whooo Cares

A Bored Book.

A ‘Bored’ Book How many times a day do your children tell you they are bored? Maybe you have children who can easily entertain themselves, and spend the day just making, creating and playing, I’d really love to hear from you for this idea. I notice that if kids are on their computers, tablets, phones, PS4s etc they never seem to tire.¬† It‚Äôs when they come off them that they find it hard to transition from this over stimulated time to a space where they now have to do something¬†‘boring’ instead. Screens produce an experience we can‚Äôt recreate I read … Continue reading A Bored Book.

What did you have for lunch, who did you play with?

Did you eat all your peas and carrots… Would you like your child to speak to you more and share their feelings openly and freely with you without asking? Read on as this will help. Scenario 1 – you greet your child after a busy day and ask them all about it – who they played with, what they had for lunch, did they eat all their peas and carrots, what they did in maths, have they got homework and so. You ask them question after question (some parents I spoke to say they question like this because they feel … Continue reading What did you have for lunch, who did you play with?