Oods, Harmony and Miracles – 2017 is your time

Are you Speaking into the Universe’s Listening? What are you ready to create for 2017 –  are your intentions clear? I’ve a little red book containing quotes, affirmations and intentions  and I’m conjuring up some more ready for 2017. Reading it through and reflecting, I realise why some of the things came to be and also why some of them haven’t – my language wasn’t clear, the intention not confident, belief weak,  and I wasn’t speaking into the Universe’s listening or my own effectively, also what was the big reason? It’s also fascinating how some  intentions came to pass a few years on and … Continue reading Oods, Harmony and Miracles – 2017 is your time

Shake It Up

 Happy New Year’s Revolution I wrote this post in 2014, still stands (on it’s head) I’m avoiding resolutions, routines and ruts. If I find myself doing the same thing I am going to get uncomfortable. I got up to do my ‘usual’ (yawn, how lazzzt year) yoga and meditation but made sure I did in an unusual position, a fresh place and at a new time. So I am typing with my nose and in a headstand. And about to drink my tea with a straw. Shake it up. This from one of my favourite Rascals – http://chrisbrady.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/12/new-years-revolution.html?utm_content=buffera2eda&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer x Continue reading Shake It Up