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Vampire Avatars

A Meeting With Maurice

Yesterday, I had tea with my friend Maurice, who I met via my friend Keith Grover at one of his raucous My Team afternoons.  Maurice, is a man of many talents and he shared some ideas with me, including how to get rid of an energy sucking vampire avatar, however this isn’t what this blog is about. Rather it’s a blog on connecting and communicating through word play, and through play we help to banish our demons.

Maurice’s fascinating portfolio includes the writing of a book on Haikus.  With 20 years in teaching,  I have taught these to children many times, and Maurice’s reflections gave me fresh perspective and inspiration. Whilst teaching today, the children and I each took a creative and short pause to write one.

What is a Haiku?

Maurice explained that a Haiku is often about nature and takes someone into the moment – often it encapsulates a moment for you – something that matters, that we can  see or feel and it can be an emotional release.  We can read a Haiku many times over and each time, get a new understanding about it.

They have 17 syllables (moras in Japan) in total with 5 in the first and last lines and 7 in the middle. They may be written over 3 lines and in some cases one.

I’m sure he explains more in his book but I kept it simple, no rigid rules were required, it was a collaborative, creative and connecting 10 minutes with thirty 9  year olds.

How To Write a Haiku

Some of the children took to it straight away and  those who didn’t have an idea, I suggested they close their eyes, or gaze and see what comes to them.   One little girl imagined a cherry tree, and happily went off to write.

I closed my eyes, as we had done in Maurice’s avatar visualisation and grass appeared, so I wrote my Haiku and for the purpose of this blog, created this free image with text on canva. I’ll write and illustrate another by hand later as I think there’s something organic and releasing about the process.


Not sure if my Haiku is a metaphor release for Dracula,  can’t feel it at the moment.

Whilst out with my family for lunch we  had some fun creating them which I added to this page

Enjoy playing with word, please share your Haikus in the comments below.

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