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Sticks and Stones Do Hurt Kids


As usual there was an intense amount of work left to cover and no time factored in to create connection.

People say, ‘Jane how do you know what to do, what’s it like walking into a class you have never met and teaching them, do they mess about?’

A handwritten 2 page letter was left on the desk informing me of the 12 most troublesome children including: ‘f has ADHD, x, y and z are trying to be the alpha males, s is sooo lazy really stamp on him, t is aggressive, l calls out all the time, s daydreams. ‘I’ want to know all the details, please leave as much feedback as possible’

The simple exchange of a smile, taking an interest in a book a pupil has on their desk, or noticing their pencilcase design, can make the difference between a successful or exhausting supply cover day.

Alongside the endless writing abd back to back lessons I weaved in 5 minutes of my ‘Community Circle’. A circle of connection, which positively transforms the energy in any classroom. Not just for schools.

In these circles we celebrate our uniqueness and wholeness, get present to eachothers’ stories and develop a flourishing community and culture.

Take care when casting words and spells as they can stick and hurt. U get my drift?

Jane ūüēČÔłŹ
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What Will You Settle On Today?

What will you settle on today?

Some people love being preoccupied with thoughts.

Thoughts provide them with constant entertainment, interaction, they believe thinking is important.

They are addicted to distraction and fearful of boredom, inner silence, or feeling alone without them.

Our minds are often likened to busy monkeys leaping from tree to tree or butterflies fluttering from flower to flower.

#frustrationexpert (2)

We are good at multitasking, reacting, and scanning for the pleasant, unpleasant or neutral and choosing all the time between them.

Life is fast paced, work is busy, families are doing, schools are cramming…

So what can we settle on today to stabilise our mind and respond more to situations?

How can we allow the butterfly to settle, the monkey to still?

Jane Tyson

Feeling Frustrated? Get Present

Someone or Something Frustrating You?

Repeat this 5 times –

‘The Point of Power is Always in the Present Moment’¬†
I love this and it’s something I say to myself as a ‘reminder’ when something is taking me away from being present. ¬†Just saying it has a calming effect.
Extracted from one of my favourite books ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay.
This photo is my daughter fully present winning a race when we were in Tanzania! Exercise is a great way to get ‘present’ too.
The point of power is always in the present momentLouise Hay (1).jpg
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Hishy, Hashy, Hoshy

A Random Diablog

Laughter, Play and Poetry

I am an IamBic Master Practitioner – ¬†IamBe was the goddess of Laughter, Play and Rhyme,¬†¬†I’ve written about her before here.¬†My Communication and Connection Model is based on these principles with metaphorical flashing! ¬†For may years I have explored the benefits of ¬†‘play’ in both little and big people and most mornings I set an intention to be playful¬†and to not sweat the small stuff.

This week, I found a vintage red suitcase in a skip, I’m often on the look out for them, ¬†it was a bit rusty and tired but it was perfect for my random¬†lifestyle. ¬†Inside were a few vintage books including ¬†‘Indoor & Community Games‘ by Sid G Hedges 1943, an exciting find (do I need to get out more?)


Connection & Communication Through Play

Since the introduction of the PS4 games console in the house, there has been a lot of falling out over fair usage, screen time – ‘it’s so unfair our friends get to play on it all night’ and when they do come off there’s noticeable irritability and stress and this coupled with a hormonal pre-teen. Later today, when my husband returns we are having our weekly family meeting about the best way forward with these frustrations.

The kids and I have been having a lot of fun reading the book and playing some of the simple games. They have relaxed and¬†connection and communication has been restored. They’ve just walked to Sainsburys together too, hopefully they will sustain this friendship on their adventure and not part company in the frozen ailse.

Enjoy these Games 

Here are a couple of the simple games we’ve explored and enjoyed –

Giant Sneeze 

Split into 3 teams and appoint these 3 names – Hishy, Hashy, Hoshy
Count to 3 and then call out the name assigned to the person or team in unison and loudly to create a giant sneeze!

Laughing Game РRollicking Fun! 

‘Someone of merry disposition is chosen to lead the game and sits in the middle of the room. He tosses up a handkerchief and immediately breaks into a rollicking laugh. Everyone else must laugh too, and the laughing must continue as long as the handkerchief is in the air. But the instant that it touches the floor every face must become stern again, and anyone who shows even the slightest trace of a smile is compelled to drop out of the game. The handkerchief is then thrown up a fresh and the game goes on until all the players have been disqualified’¬†


I love this smelly old random book, it’s going to continue to be played with.

Jane x

It’s free to join our meet up group, come and play!
See also my Twitter video about this – @JaneTyson


Whooo Cares

A Random DiaBlog

Lessons from a Wise Owl

What does it feel like to you when your relationships are in balance, you are relaxed and calm, you have clarity,  focus, confidence, connection and you get thing done efficiently with few power struggles?

This weekend I’ve been on a truly special Connected Communications Course¬†created and run by the wonderful and wise Lis Cashin – ¬†2 days with very inspirational women exploring Lis’ R.E.A.L approach.

Meditation on an Owl


Since I was a young child I’ve been fascinated with Owls, I often hear them and see them and it’s only in the last couple of years that I incorporate them into my meditation practice. I ponder them silently ¬†and wisely watching, sensing, blinking and still, behaviours I am aware of and try to embody throughout the day.

By coming from this space of stillness and quiet we have time to notice our breath, observe and respond with grace. I wrote more about this a couple of weeks ago –¬†take a breath.

This links in nicely with aspects of ¬†Lis’ R.E.A.L approach, ¬†and I’m really excited to be weaving this into my BeSayDoLove¬©¬†practice with children and parents.

Whooo Cares

Practice being an owl, you might look a bit of a twit but whoo cares.

Jane #RandomDialogue

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Why not join our Meet Up group where we run a number of events & meet ups across the year for adults, kids, businesses and families.

You might also enjoy Aypee’s blog ¬†BE SAY DO HAVE


Vampire Avatars

A Meeting With Maurice

Yesterday, I had tea with my friend¬†Maurice, who I met via my friend Keith Grover at one of his raucous My Team afternoons. ¬†Maurice, is a man of many talents and he shared some ideas with me, including how to get rid of an energy sucking vampire avatar, however¬†this isn’t what this blog is about. Rather it’s a blog on connecting and communicating through word play, and through play we help to banish our demons.

Maurice’s fascinating portfolio includes the writing of a book on¬†Haikus. ¬†With 20 years in teaching,¬†¬†I have taught these to children many times, and Maurice’s reflections gave me fresh perspective and inspiration. Whilst teaching today, the children and I each took a creative and short pause to write one.

What is a Haiku?

Maurice explained that a Haiku is often about nature and takes someone into the¬†moment –¬†often¬†it encapsulates a moment for you – something that matters, that we can ¬†see or feel and it can be an¬†emotional release. ¬†We can read a Haiku many times over and each time, get a new understanding about it.

They have 17 syllables (moras in Japan) in total with 5 in the first and last lines and 7 in the middle. They may be written over 3 lines and in some cases one.

I’m sure he explains more in his book but I kept it simple, no rigid rules were required, it was a collaborative, creative and connecting 10 minutes with thirty 9 ¬†year olds.

How To Write a Haiku

Some of the children took to it straight away and ¬†those who didn’t have an idea, I suggested they close their eyes, or gaze and see what comes to them. ¬† One little girl imagined a¬†cherry tree, and happily went off to write.

I closed my eyes, as we had done in Maurice’s avatar visualisation and grass appeared, so I wrote my Haiku and for the purpose of this blog, created this free image with text on¬†canva. I’ll write and illustrate another by hand later as I think there’s something organic and¬†releasing¬†about the process.


Not sure if my Haiku is a metaphor release for¬†Dracula, ¬†can’t feel it at the moment.

Whilst out with my family for lunch we  had some fun creating them which I added to this page

Enjoy playing with word, please share your Haikus in the comments below.

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