Today In Streatham

Partners in Slime. The amount of glue, glitter, pots we also use at home… 😂 I love the Science in Action but the chemicals in some of the crap my daughter uses, eww. And the plastic. On a healthier note. Last night. Creative Cousins decorated gingerbread biscuits. With various e-numbers, sugar and preservatives. They thoroughly enjoyed it. This morning, whilst in Shavassana pose, the puppy found one of their tiny blue smarties abandoned on the floor. She then climbed all over my face and bounced around the house. Currently bundled in her basket. Chocolate is dangerous for dogs eh? Hopefully … Continue reading Today In Streatham

Solving World Problems One Mum at At Time : A Random Pic, 1979

A Random Pic When not involved in the engineering team for Martin Baker’s ejector seats,  my Grandad Alan designed this fruitpick. He subsequently made 5 more for the apple trees we used to have growing in the garden in Lyne. My Dad was advised to advertise the picker nationally, so ran adverts in The Field magazine, Telegraph and  Countrylife, @£9.95 incl p&p On the Monday 7 orders arrived, Tuesday 40 and by the Wednesday the postman delivered a huge sack of 700 orders and it didn’t stop. We spent the next year trying to get on top of them, enlisting … Continue reading Solving World Problems One Mum at At Time : A Random Pic, 1979

Shake It Up

Happy New Year’s Revolution Wrote this post in 2014, still stands (on it’s head) Am avoiding resolutions, routines and ruts. If I find myself doing the same thing  am going to get uncomfortable. Got up to do my ‘usual’ (yawn, how lazzzt year) yoga and meditation but made sure it was in an unusual position, a fresh place and at a new time. Am typing with my nose and in a headstand. And about to drink my tea with a straw. How about you, what Revolutions are you creating? Shake it up. Jane Tyson x Continue reading Shake It Up