Are we teaching our kids to DO stress?

is all the talk about stress, worry and anxiety causing kids to be more stressed, worried and anxious?
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Nature Data Collection

Can you estimate the percentage of children in the UK who cannot identify an oak leaf? I have been carrying out little surveys in the classes I’ve been teaching. Depending on the intensity of the planning left, it’s always an exciting adventure to have the opportunity to get the kids out of class into nature. The other day I visited a wonderful wildlife garden in a school and the class hadn’t been outside once this term to visit it. Another school has an entire woodland area, and again the kids hadn’t stepped on a single twig. One teacher had been … Continue reading Nature Data Collection

Christmas Peace

All is Karma All is Bright. A Christmas Calm Post ūüôĄ In this mornings home yoga practice I set an intention to notice my breathing. By bringing awareness to our breath we cultivate peace. I was also very aware of the birds chattering. What will you notice today that brings you to the present moment? And breathe. #frustrationexpert Jane Continue reading Christmas Peace

Happy Kids – What’s Resilience Got to Do With It?

Happy Kids ‚Äď What’s¬†Resilience¬†Got¬†To¬†Do With It?¬† Being a parent is the most challenging job any of us will have!¬†¬†¬† This¬†session is¬†designed for¬†curious¬†parents¬†who would like to explore ways they can give their¬†child¬†fresh¬†possibilities to adapt to the challenges of life. In this¬†3¬†hour¬†session you will learn¬†ways to –¬† Teach your child how to adapt to frustrating times. Become their life mentor. Help your child‚Äôs learning experience to become easier and more effective¬† Become aware which parenting styles get¬†the¬†best for you and your children Elicit calm responses with your child when you have to communicate topics which could be stressful¬† Improve¬†their self esteem Develop¬†enjoyable … Continue reading Happy Kids – What’s Resilience Got to Do With It?

Adults stop playing because they worry they might fall over.

A Lesson From the Brownies¬† Another ‘Random’ workshop with the Brownies this evening. ¬† Before we did some moves, mindset and mindlessness, I did a little research for my ‘adult’ playful / random / mindlessful workshop this Saturday and asked them 3 questions – ¬† What does the word ‘play’ mean to you? – ¬† Friends Games Tablet Donuts ¬† ‘Why Do Adults Stop Playing’? ¬† Because of us They haven’t got time They give up They can’t play, don’t know how to Too old to be chased Worried about falling over We are faster than them and they get … Continue reading Adults stop playing because they worry they might fall over.

Can We Encourage Our Kids to Be More Responsible?

Kids spending too much time on screens, overloaded with homework, stressed out over friendships, ignoring your requests to help out around the house repeated Join me at Family Dialogues, monthly meet ups for children, parents and families. Scroll this event for my other meet ups too –¬†Family Dialogues Jane Tyson   Continue reading Can We Encourage Our Kids to Be More Responsible?

Shrove Tuesday – Do you give a Toss?

  A Message for my daughter and maybe yours too? What is Shrove Tuesday? Going through this week’s calendar and getting organised, I note it’s pancake day on Tuesday. I’ve taught the meaning of this to kids over the years in different schools, and remember that the word ¬†shrove¬†is linked to being shriven from sin. In past times there was a call to confession with the pancake bell. Fasting Some research suggests that people used up their store cupboard ingredients in the pancakes, ¬†so they were eaten before the 40 fasting period of Lent. Other reading points to the ingredients … Continue reading Shrove Tuesday – Do you give a Toss?