Solving World Problems One Mum at At Time : Taking Thyme Out

Solving World Problems One Mum at a Time Sage words Sometimes we have to Take thyme out A bouquet of Parsley Sage More Sage Rosemary and Thyme An after work windy walk to the allotment for a herb harvest. Mentally … Continue reading Solving World Problems One Mum at At Time : Taking Thyme Out

Why the Dandelion Wee-d

💛💛💛Why the Dandelion ‘Wee-d’?  An invasive, independent and stubborn plant beneficial for Bees, Bugs, Birds & Us. Due to the jagged young leaves it is also know as ‘Lions Tooth’. The roots, leaf and flowers are medicinal and parts are rich in vitamin A, C and Calcium, and pupport to support treating diabetes, UTIs, freshening skin, relieving acne, weight loss, and much more. It’s been around a while, 30 million years.  Young leaves can be added to salads as can the yellow flowers, the roots made into various therapeutic brews, poultices, coffee, smoothies etc😯 What do you do with yours? … Continue reading Why the Dandelion Wee-d

What do you LOVE to DO that helps you to BE?

A Random DiaBlog Sometimes we get so caught up and absorbed with the busyness of life that we forget what it’s like to just be.  What do you do LOVE to do, that helps you to connect to you amongst all the doing? How can we Be when we are so Busy Doing? Even when we are busy doing we can pause, take a breath and notice.  It’s that simple and something we can do throughout the day, yet often forget. Try it,  how do you feel now? I like to garden, there’s lots of jobs to do at the … Continue reading What do you LOVE to DO that helps you to BE?

A Sorry Bunch

Recently,  I dug up a really sorry looking bunch of carrots. They were frozen, overcrowded, and had lots of black fly.  With a good peel and chop, they scrubbed up well and I was able to create a tasty lentil and carrot soup.     I used a really simple base ingredient, to which there are numerous herbs that could be added to liven it up, such as cumin, coriander and chilli or mixed italian herbs etc.   I’ve kept it plain so that all the family will enjoy it.   Chilli sprinkles and other optional herbs are on the table … Continue reading A Sorry Bunch