All That Glitters

Solving World Problems One Mum at a Time Continue reading All That Glitters


Taking Thyme Out

Solving World Problems One Mum at a Time Sage wordsSometimes we have toTake thyme out A bouquet of Parsley Sage More Sage Rosemary and Thyme An after work windy walk to the allotment for a herb harvest. Mentally sowing spring … Continue reading Taking Thyme Out

Solving World Problems One Mum at A Time

Indulge Your Imagination Do you ever feel hopelessly overwhelmed with the state of the world and wonder how putting out recycling out once a week, eating more lentils and quinoa and using paper straws will make the blind bit of difference? Today my daughter asked me for a cloth carrier bag to go shopping with instead of a plastic one. This could create a small ripple in our local community and even contribute to world plastic reduction! Who knows what a difference our small seemingly pathetic actions can lead to? This is me on the trip with her and her … Continue reading Solving World Problems One Mum at A Time

Why Sketching Builds Resilience

What do you remember doing as a child and not really appreciating at the time, and has this influenced you now? Is Outcome Always A Priority?  During half term 2015, my husband Paul was away with work in Syria, so as often happens in the holidays,  I drove the kids up North to visit their older and younger cousins and spend time with my lovely sister in law, Auntie Sally, two mums working together is always so much easier than one eh. On this occasion we met at one of our favourite bolt holes in the Lake District, the Independent … Continue reading Why Sketching Builds Resilience

Family Adventures in Naples

Today we took a train to Ercolo then tourist bus up to Mount Vesuvius, enjoying great views of the city of Naples sprawling below, whilst slightly terrified of the narrow coach turns. The carpark with all the coaches was probably the most dangerous part though. From here, we walked about 15 minutes on a reasonably wide path to the crater rim. It was pretty windy, Ellie’s ears ached from the cold and sand stung our eyes. It was definitely worth it though. We survived the return journey to the station, and from here walked 15 minutes to Herculaneum. This Roman … Continue reading Family Adventures in Naples

A Random Pic, 1979

When not involved in the engineering team for Martin Baker’s ejector seats,  my Grandad Alan designed this fruitpick. He subsequently made 5 more for the apple trees we used to have growing in the garden in Lyne. My Dad was advised to advertise the picker nationally, so ran adverts in The Field magazine, Telegraph and  Countrylife, @£9.95 incl p&p On the Monday 7 orders arrived, Tuesday 40 and by the Wednesday the postman delivered a huge sack of 700 orders and it didn’t stop. We spent the next year trying to get on top of them, enlisting the help of … Continue reading A Random Pic, 1979