8 Ways To Ease Grief – The Book of 8

Grief doesn’t have an agenda.

It flows in it’s own way.

I have learned though that we can play with it, switch it up and shift the time it sit with us.

Creating fresh memories, which develop new neural connections and brain pathways and easier state changes for when it creeps in.

‘Good grief, you have returned. Have you come to BE with me? Let’s allow each other’s company for a while. And breathe. OK you may leave now. Yes I know he has gone forever. Please excuse me, but I have an oak tree in the woods to visit, vegetables to grow, poetry to write, yoga to move to, meditation to mind, videos to create, children to teach, and above all family and friends to connect with.’

Today is #johnnycashsunday

Let the music heal you.

Remembering Dad #thinkpurplefeelgood

‘How about one about the rain today.’

The Book of Eight

Note: My father passed away in April 2019, my business partner AyPee dropped down dead infront of me in December 2017 and my best friend committed suicide aged 16 in 1988. Above are some of the techniques I have used to ease the pain of grief.

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