Ideas to Increase Calm for Kids

‘This is for you Mrs T’ Created by a child I taught some yoga, mindfulness and general relaxation tips to this week. Have created a private Facebook group where I will share yoga inspiration for parents to pass on to their children. I hope adults will enjoy it too. Posts will include videos, blogs and recipes. Boosting calm, courage and confidence and enhancing resilience, real world thinking and resourcefulness. It is my intention to also create online classes particularly for children, as they have requested 5 to 10 minutes videos to help them with sleep, relaxation and focus. Link to … Continue reading Ideas to Increase Calm for Kids

Meditation – Do you ‘THINK’ it’s boring

Originally posted on Jane Tyson:
Is Meditation Boring?  Are you interested in meditation? Do you have a regular practice? Would you like to give it a go but are not sure how to? I’ve heard friends say they just can’t do it, it’s impossible not to think and it’s boring! I’ve written this as another one of my ‘How I‘ blogs and and not a ‘How To‘, with the intention that it might just give you the nudge to get started.  At times, yes meditation can be boring so you explore ways to  sit with the boredom, in the same way… Continue reading Meditation – Do you ‘THINK’ it’s boring

Solving World Problems One Mum at a

This time of year is important to rest not rush The Christmas fat will fall Take it easy on your bodies Be kind to yourself Too many posts about making goals Giving up this Restricting that Why not wait until the sun shines And our bodies warm Go for a walk Notice nature Drink warm teas with nice spices and grated ginger Focus on doing more of the good stuff Avoid the language of guilt, deprivation, lack, diet, oh I’m so this and so that What does it tell your mind? Here’s a cute puppy to raise your happy hormones! … Continue reading Solving World Problems One Mum at a

Solving World Problems One Mum at a Slime

Today in Streatham. Partners in Slime. The amount of glue, glitter, pots we also use at home… 😂 I love the Science in Action but the chemicals in some of the crap my daughter uses, eww. And the plastic. On a healthier note. Last night. Creative Cousins decorated gingerbread biscuits. With various e-numbers, sugar and preservatives. They thoroughly enjoyed it. This morning, whilst in Shavassana pose, the puppy found one of their tiny blue smarties abandoned on the floor. She then climbed all over my face and bounced around the house. Currently bundled in her basket. Chocolate is dangerous for … Continue reading Solving World Problems One Mum at a Slime