Solving World Problems One Mum at A Time : Indulging Imaginations

Indulge Your Imagination

Do you ever feel hopelessly overwhelmed with the state of the world and wonder how putting out recycling out once a week, eating more lentils and quinoa and using paper straws will make the blind bit of difference?

Today my daughter asked me for a cloth carrier bag to go shopping with instead of a plastic one. This could create a small ripple in our local community and even contribute to world plastic reduction! Who knows what a difference our small seemingly pathetic actions can lead to?


This is me on the trip with her and her mates banished to a booth because I’m far too embarrassing for tweens to hang out with.
She doesn’t know that I am on an important mission.

What have you done to solve world problems today? What local ripples …

Photos taken at Creams in Guildford. Pleased to note that whilst it was complete sugar indulgence, it was served in glass jars and I didn’t notice any plastic straws.

Ellie wasn’t keen on my dahl when she got in and that’s another post.

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