Solving World Problems One Mum at At Time : Why Sketching Builds Resilience

Why Sketching Builds Resilience

What do you remember doing as a child and not really appreciating at the time, and has this influenced you now?

Is Outcome Always A Priority? 

During half term 2015, my husband Paul was away with work in Syria, so as often happens in the holidays,  I drove the kids up North to visit their older and younger cousins and spend time with my lovely sister in law, Auntie Sally, two mums working together is always so much easier than one eh.

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On this occasion we met at one of our favourite bolt holes in the Lake District, the Independent Youth Hostel at Derwent Water.   We’ve always enjoyed Youth Hostelling for the flexibility, fun and affordability.

It was also a week to celebrate Nanny Gill turning 70.  She always brings a bag of sketch books, pencils and paints,  we find the last page that someone doodled and then create a new page. It’s a collection of memories from various adults and children and always so lovely and inspiring to look back through.

Luke and Ellie laugh at my unskilled often immature drawings, I used to not sketch perhaps over concerned with the appearance. However, when I decided it’s not about the outcome but the process and experience, it became more enjoyable and relaxing.

Ways To Build Resilience

Being present to the moment, taking notice and slowing down are all ways to build the foundations of resilience and sketching is a way to encourage this.

Even better though, are shared events,  connection and belonging. Sometimes our children don’t always want to take part in activities with us, especially when they hit teenage years – wow what a totally new set of parenting skills this involves!  However these adventures are seeds that get planted, and form important life bases, though often not appreciated at the time.

Look forward to seeing your sketches and reading more of your stories too.

Jane Tyson
Solving World Problems One Mum at A Time

PS, this week’s  Random Dialogues  homework is a sketching task! We have a Facebook group too incase you would like to join us either on and/or offline.


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