Solving World Problems One Mum at At Time : Family Adventures in Naples

Today we climbed Mount Vesuvius


Today we took a train to Ercolo then tourist bus up to Mount Vesuvius, enjoying great views of the city of Naples sprawling below, whilst slightly terrified of the narrow coach turns. The carpark with all the coaches was probably the most dangerous part though.

From here, we walked about 15 minutes on a reasonably wide path to the crater rim. It was pretty windy, Ellie’s ears ached from the cold and sand stung our eyes. It was definitely worth it though.

We survived the return journey to the station, and from here walked 15 minutes to Herculaneum. This Roman city was destroyed in AD79 by pyroclastic flows from the eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius. Due to the deep ash, the preservation of the city is remarkable.

The video contains images of skeletons frozen in fear and pain. 300 were found at the site close to the seashore, previously it had been thought that the city had been evacuated.

On Monday, our visit to the National Archaeological Museum to see many of the city’s artefacts and excellent video reconstruction, was a great family experience too.



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