Christmas Peace

All is Karma All is Bright. A Christmas Calm Post 🙄 In this mornings home yoga practice I set an intention to notice my breathing. By bringing awareness to our breath we cultivate peace. I was also very aware of the birds chattering. What will you notice today that brings you to the present moment? And breathe. #frustrationexpert Jane Continue reading Christmas Peace

Competition is a Good Thing… Right?

The Fear of Missing Out I was in conversations with groups of mums on Wednesday. They said their kids were attending too many after-school clubs, and sports, and activities and that they were feeling exhausted by the enormous pressure trying to keep on top of it all. Yet, the other Mums seem to manage. They told me that they didn’t want their children to lose out or feel less significant than the other children. Are we Good Enough? There appears to be an unwritten rule that has these women compare and compete or else as a parent, they just aren’t … Continue reading Competition is a Good Thing… Right?

Happy Kids – What’s Resilience Got to Do With It?

Happy Kids – What’s Resilience Got To Do With It?  Being a parent is the most challenging job any of us will have!    This session is designed for curious parents who would like to explore ways they can give their child fresh possibilities to adapt to the challenges of life. In this 3 hour session you will learn ways to –  Teach your child how to adapt to frustrating times. Become their life mentor. Help your child’s learning experience to become easier and more effective  Become aware which parenting styles get the best for you and your children Elicit calm responses with your child when you have to communicate topics which could be stressful  Improve their self esteem Develop enjoyable … Continue reading Happy Kids – What’s Resilience Got to Do With It?