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A PLAYce to BE

A PLAYce to BE.
The essence of creativity comes from play which feeds and nurtures our souls‘ Goldie Hawn.
This afternoon I’m running my ‘Playful / Random’ workshop at Clandon Wood.
My intention is to create a monthly ‘space’ for 8 adults (big kids) and a PLAYce to explore ways to BE – to relax, play, share, support and create.

Today, we will –

  • learn ways we can be more connected to self, friends and family
  • explore how to listen more effectively
  • take a short mindful Autumn walk
  • draw a little
  • write a poem
  • create an Autumn mandala
  • understand the ‘upward spiral’ for good mental health
  • breathe
  • do the Hokey Cokey!
It’s from 2.30pm to 4.30pm today at the beautiful nature reserve and natural burial ground Clandon Wood.
We will also ‘eat beautifully’ – I’ll provide teas and healthy snacks.
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Come along to see what magic we can create together.
It’s random.
Jane x
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Adults stop playing because they worry they might fall over.

A Lesson From the Brownies 

Another ‘Random’ workshop with the Brownies this evening.
Before we did some moves, mindset and mindlessness, I did a little research for my ‘adult’ playful / random / mindlessful workshop this Saturday and asked them 3 questions –

What does the word ‘play’ mean to you? –


‘Why Do Adults Stop Playing’?

Because of us
They haven’t got time
They give up
They can’t play, don’t know how to
Too old to be chased
Worried about falling over
We are faster than them and they get frustrated they can’t keep up

‘Why Do You Like To Play?’

  • Relax
  • Fun
  • Exercise
  • Problems go away
  • Builds Imagination
  • Reminds us that fun is important
  • Laughter is the best medicine
  • Gives us something to do
Adults what do you reckon to the Brownies list?
Next week I’m with teens at a Youth Club
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What Will You Settle On Today?

What will you settle on today?

Some people love being preoccupied with thoughts.

Thoughts provide them with constant entertainment, interaction, they believe thinking is important.

They are addicted to distraction and fearful of boredom, inner silence, or feeling alone without them.

Our minds are often likened to busy monkeys leaping from tree to tree or butterflies fluttering from flower to flower.

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We are good at multitasking, reacting, and scanning for the pleasant, unpleasant or neutral and choosing all the time between them.

Life is fast paced, work is busy, families are doing, schools are cramming…

So what can we settle on today to stabilise our mind and respond more to situations?

How can we allow the butterfly to settle, the monkey to still?

Jane Tyson