Dunno, Nothing, Can’t Remember.

Can we teach our kids to do happiness?

Each day, when the children leave my class, I ask them to think of 3 things that made them happy. From experience, parents often tell me that when they ask their child what they’ve done quite often the reply is ‘nothing, ‘dunno’ can’t remember’

What 3 things have made you HAPPY today? Even if you can’t think of anything you are still creating an upward happy spiral and sending out the good hormones in your brain!


Ask your kids at the dinner table later, during bathtime or maybe at bedtime and share with them too. You might say ‘you made me me feel happy, the sun shone, I saw a bird flying, a flower blew in the breeze’

You might enjoy keeping a family happyness journal, writing post its or making a Happy Families art gallery!

If they really struggle to think of happy things that’s OK don’t push it, just keep modelling how to. And if they are ‘negative’ allow them to be so, it’s still positive that they are talking to you. Simply acknowledge their feelings ‘yes I can see you are frustrated.. sad… unhappy… give them a space and listening to talk.

Creating this space will allow the happy thoughts to come to the surface when they are ready.

I’m running a Family Workshop in September with AyPee –


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