Dunno, Nothing, Can’t Remember.

Can we teach our kids to do happiness? Each day, when the children leave my class, I ask them to think of 3 things that made them happy. From experience, parents often tell me that when they ask their child what they’ve done quite often the reply is ‘nothing, ‘dunno’ can’t remember’ What 3 things have made you HAPPY today? Even if you can’t think of anything you are still creating an upward happy spiral and sending out the good hormones in your brain! Ask your kids at the dinner table later, during bathtime or maybe at bedtime and share … Continue reading Dunno, Nothing, Can’t Remember.

Feeling Frustrated? Listen to the silence

Shhh. How to find silence in a world so full of noise Around this time last year, my 12 year old son started secondary school and he said to me: ‘Mum one of my favourite times in the school day is when I go to the toilets as it’s always so peaceful and quiet’ He had long corridors to navigate, friendships to bounce between, hormone surges and a bag of heavy homework.  I shared with him ways he could create some space in his head in class too, instead of rushing to the loo.  A year on and he’s transformed … Continue reading Feeling Frustrated? Listen to the silence