School Hols? – Ways to Balance Business, Breaks & Boredom

A Random Holiday DiaBlog

Kids off for the hols? Are you balancing quality connection with your family alongside work, business and you time?

Some parents we spoke to said they felt ‘guilty‘ that they weren’t always going to be available for their kids 24/7.  So how do you do guilt?

Untitled design

An Agile Easter Family Manifesto – ways to balance ‘Business, Breaks and Boredom’

You might like a copy of our free e-book ‘Ways to Balance Boredom, Business & Breaks, which includes guilty conversations, great tips & printables to help you create some realistic structure and routines during the holidays which you can adapt to suit

Why not pin our free Agile Routine to your fridge too – choices for dealing with screen time, snacks, boredom, housework, meals, bedtime and more.

Hop over and like our page  and message me for your free Family Easter Manifesto!

Jane Tyson

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