Remote Controlled Connection

How our Children can teach Us to Relax Yesterday my son was talking to me (well at me), we were on our way to karate and he was really excited about moving up a level to ‘spar‘ and spent a looooong time telling me all about it.   I was distracted, my mind was elsewhere on work and actually hands up, I was a little bored of listening! My Boy-Man Brought Me Home I took a breath and acknowledged to myself that I wasn’t with him and set an intention to BE present and enjoy his company, despite the uninsparring conversation. … Continue reading Remote Controlled Connection

The ‘UPSET’ Family

Let’s face it, every family needs and wants calm, joy and emotional balance. We hear it all the time. Are You Being Heard? Most family members have something to say and they don’t feel they can or they don’t feel that they are being heard. The Family Upset It’s part of the family dynamic – ‘The family Upset’. What’s yours?  How about having a strategy to fix that?  Simple, effective, easy to do and leaving your family members surprised by how powerful and relaxed you have become? Fancy that? Intelligent & Unusual Parenting Conversations Join us on Thursday 15th June … Continue reading The ‘UPSET’ Family

Do you have Spring in Your Step?

A Spring Clean from the inside out Many of us will be moving into Spring expecting to be full of energy and enthusiasm, however the reality is we are still often dragging along Winter baggage, such as coughs, colds and a few extra body pounds, just in time for the allergy season to begin too! If you’d like a little more spring in your step – try some of these – 🌟Warm Lemon Water Upon waking and before eating sip warm water with a the juice of 1/2 a and a little honey – this has lots of benefits including … Continue reading Do you have Spring in Your Step?

Have Bag Will Pop Up or In!

Pop Up Talks for your Family, School, Business, Workplace. These flexible, fun and fairly priced 1.5 – 3 hour sessions include – – What’s all the Stress About? – ways to teach each other to relax. – Contented Parenting – a Behavioural Transformation model – Mind Space in the Work Place – creating space to just BE? – Yoga & Mindfulness –  how 5 minute movement breaks can create a calm and flexible school/family/workplace community – Lessons From A Teenager –  lessons FROM teens – giving them a powerful voice – How to Love What You Do – Social Media … Continue reading Have Bag Will Pop Up or In!

So What of the Law of Attraction

Originally posted on AyPee's Funteresting Blog:
? My friend tells me that the Universe is already providing you with what you want by the time you ask the question. When I met Michael Q Todd last year, we talked about what we thought the LOA was about. He said it is about being Kind and Expecting stuff to be/occur. I said that I just Know and I am being of service. We are quite close to each other’s interpretation. All I know is that in early December 2015 I declared 2016 to be a year of Magic. I expected… Continue reading So What of the Law of Attraction

School Hols? – Ways to Balance Business, Breaks & Boredom

A Random Holiday DiaBlog Kids off for the hols? Are you balancing quality connection with your family alongside work, business and you time? Some parents we spoke to said they felt ‘guilty‘ that they weren’t always going to be available for their kids 24/7.  So how do you do guilt? An Agile Easter Family Manifesto – ways to balance ‘Business, Breaks and Boredom’ You might like a copy of our free e-book ‘Ways to Balance Boredom, Business & Breaks, which includes guilty conversations, great tips & printables to help you create some realistic structure and routines during the holidays which … Continue reading School Hols? – Ways to Balance Business, Breaks & Boredom