How I Use Yoga at Home with My Family

My yoga obsession started when I was 20, I could do it anytime anyplace any mat.  Yoga helped me through exams, interviews, travel adventures, relationships, conceptions, pregnancy, childbirth and so much more.  It’s been a lifelong body, mind and spirit companion. Below are the ways I’ve weaved it into my family life since my son was born 12 years ago. My intention is that it gives you some ideas and confidence to try it at home too. Family Yoga Would you like to have time during the week for yoga with your children, a time to connect, play, laugh, stretch, relax … Continue reading How I Use Yoga at Home with My Family

Can We Encourage Our Kids to Be More Responsible?

Kids spending too much time on screens, overloaded with homework, stressed out over friendships, ignoring your requests to help out around the house repeated Join me at Family Dialogues, monthly meet ups for children, parents and families. Scroll this event for my other meet ups too – Family Dialogues Jane Tyson   Continue reading Can We Encourage Our Kids to Be More Responsible?

Hishy, Hashy, Hoshy

A Random Diablog Laughter, Play and Poetry I am an IamBic Master Practitioner –  IamBe was the goddess of Laughter, Play and Rhyme,  I’ve written about her before here. My Communication and Connection Model is based on these principles with metaphorical flashing!  For may years I have explored the benefits of  ‘play’ in both little and big people and most mornings I set an intention to be playful and to not sweat the small stuff. This week, I found a vintage red suitcase in a skip, I’m often on the look out for them,  it was a bit rusty and tired but it … Continue reading Hishy, Hashy, Hoshy

Lost Connection

A Random Diablog – Family Connection Cast your thoughts back to your day. When during the day did you fully engage and connect with your child(ren)? Just Got To Finish This…  Like all kids, my kids are busy, they play out with other kids, watch TV, get absorbed in a book or nerf game, or quite often are on their screens for their ‘screen time‘. When they take a break from what they are doing, chances are we are distracted on a screen too or absorbed by a household task, or our minds are elsewhere. The children might strike up … Continue reading Lost Connection

Screens Dividing, Parents Siding, Kids Stressed & Colliding?

☀️☀️☀️A Parenting Model for Behavioural Transformation☀️☀️☀️ Screens Dividing Parents Siding Kids Stressed & Colliding? Tired of nagging, shouting, falling out, blaming, feeling exhausted and even at times feeling like a parenting failure? Join our workshop – “Family Connection – The Be Say Do Have MethodⒸ”  Want to learn simple ways to communicate and connect as a family?  Join Jane  and Aypee  #LWWDEvent #familyconnection #iambe #parenting #besaydohave Continue reading Screens Dividing, Parents Siding, Kids Stressed & Colliding?

What’s in Our Hearts – Creating Deeper Connections

In tomorrow’s playful Movement, Mindset & Mindfulness session especially for kids –   🌟🌟🌟What’s in Our Hearts – Creating Deeper Connections to Ourselves & Others 🌟🌟🌟   Children will –   engage in circle time with story telling, positive self talk and news sharing notice how to ‘globally’ listen explore further ‘personal responsibility’ create heart maps of the people, places and things they value and love most develop a deeper connection and understanding of ‘self care’ in order to enhance their relationships with others too learn more about growth mindset and brain plasticity   Plus child led games, yoga, QiGong … Continue reading What’s in Our Hearts – Creating Deeper Connections

What do you LOVE to DO that helps you to BE?

A Random DiaBlog Sometimes we get so caught up and absorbed with the busyness of life that we forget what it’s like to just be.  What do you do LOVE to do, that helps you to connect to you amongst all the doing? How can we Be when we are so Busy Doing? Even when we are busy doing we can pause, take a breath and notice.  It’s that simple and something we can do throughout the day, yet often forget. Try it,  how do you feel now? I like to garden, there’s lots of jobs to do at the … Continue reading What do you LOVE to DO that helps you to BE?