So it finally happened…

A Random Diablog

I have always enjoyed publicly holding my children’s hands and cuddling them.

It’s not like I chase them up the street desperate, it’s just something that occurs naturally.

Usually when we are  shopping and having some one to one time together.


When my son was younger my friend advised me to make the most of this public affection and cuddles, because her son at 14 would barely be seen with her!

I followed this advice and appreciated all these moments and enjoyed them.

Yesterday, my 12 year old son  turned to me and said he found it embarassing that I hug him publicly, had done for a while and sorry to hurt my feelings.

I think I’m lucky to have stretched it out this far!

I was momentarily shocked and then we both laughed.

It’s exciting moving into teenagedom.

Cuddles can be enjoyed at home, they aren’t gone, just shifted off the high street.


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