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For the past couple of weeks a small group of children aged 6 and up have met at our local hall, to play, have fun and build a little community.   My intention is to create a safe play space for the kids tyoga 2o turn up, lead,collaborate, co-create,  learn from each other and largely just ‘BE’. A weekly meet up for kids with little adult intervention, voice and rules, with a loose routine and structure.

I’ve been teaching for 20 years, and seen our curriculum get more and more contrived, outdated, irrelevant and intense.  My favourite ever times for ‘teaching’ are now when I’m NOT. In particular, last week  I noted a wonderful wet play  lunchtime where every single child in the class was joyfully and playfully engaged with something or somebody.  An unplanned time without targets, adult intervention, photographs being taken of them for a profile or worksheets.  They rushed to the wet play activities and I noted an incredible amount of natural learning and collaboration.  I felt sad disturbing this short lived, powerful, self directed, exploratory and sociable time ready for another dull prescribed, adult centred and crowd controlled lesson.

So this is a random playful experiment with kids for them to collaborate and co-create using:

  • Games 
  • Circle time 
  • Yoga
  • Craft
  • Story
  • Relaxation 


yoga 7

2 weeks left of this playful experiment for ages 6 to teen in Burpham, Guildford.


Jane x


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