Random Acts of Self Kindness for Kids

Today was a return visit to supply teach a lovely and lively Year 6 class.

On the wall, I noticed a poster their teacher had created for Kindness Awards. We talked about the kind things they had done for others.

I asked them what they had also done to be kind to themselves so far today. This is what they came up with:Be Kind To Yourself (2)

  • Had a drink
  • Started with a healthy breakfast
  • Smiled at themselves in the mirror
  • Yawned!
  • Spoken  a kind word to themselves
  • Exercised

We talked about how looking after ourselves by being kind to our mind, body and heart would put us in a great space to also be kind to others.

What have you done to be kind to you today?

JT x

#LWWDEvent #YogaforKids #Mindfulness #RandDialEvent


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