Be A Witch

Today’s supply teaching adventure was to a school in the Surrey Hills and a Year 6 class.

I’d not been there before and a very rushed, stressed teacher explained I’d find everything I needed to know on the white board. She said she had very high expectations of her class for handwriting, content and behavour and that I needed to stamp on them and be a  ‘witch‘. I took a breathe, paused, looked her in the eye, smiled and responded ‘right OK’.


I spent the afternoon casting spells with the children, which  included –

-Belly breathing
-Alternative nostril breathing – to liven us up and get creativity flowing
– Rectangular breathing
-Mindful Handwriting
– Simple energy work with breath and body.

These spells were pretty transformational and high standards and focus were achieved.

One boy came to talk to me to say his 75 year old Nan teaches him yoga and it really helps him to concentrate with his extra homework and relaxes him at bedtime. Another said he really enjoyed it and could I leave the spells on the board. It helped me connect enormously with the children and at the end of the day there was a touching, heart felt thank you from them as they left.

If you would like to know how to cast spells on your work colleagues, friends, family and children then join me for my next workshop in February.


Jane x


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