How I long to ‘BE’-Long

In 1998,  I read a book to my Year 3 class called ‘Dumpling’ by Dick King Smith. It’s a story about an especially short Dachshund (sausage dog) who longs to be-long. We really enjoyed the story, the play on words and  other titles in this series such as ‘Omnibomulator’ and ‘Blessu’


Yesterday, a friend was talking to me about ‘longing’and asked me for advice on how to  deal with this sensation.

I suggested they sit, close their eyes and notice what they long for, allow it to be there, have courage and observe it, thank it for popping by and be curious and kind. Could they take a 360 view of the longing and explore it from all angles.

Often longing is something heartfelt, personal and unique to us, it can also be painful.

It is a reminder of who we are.

With the help of some magic from the witch’s cat, Dumpling did get longer, however after many unfortunate adventures later he ‘longs’ to be short once more.

So if today you are longing for something be it love, peace, happiness, security, sweets, beer, wine – well it is Friday – just sit and notice it for a moment first.

Longing is a reminder of who we are, delve deep – we are what we long for – it’s inside – discover your own magic.

Jane x





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