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Love A Duck

duck 4[29]

Sipping tea at RHS Wisley
A duck silently appeared at my feet
To cheekily wait for a treat
He refused my offering of lentil dahl.
And instead pecked bread from our hands for a whileduck 3

Fearing it might hurt his tummy
We gave him only a few crumbs
It was a simple, pleasurable and funny
Moment with a duck
Which brought me to the present
To notice and be
Grateful for this beautiful day.

duck 2


duck 2


Random Acts of Self Kindness for Kids

Today was a return visit to supply teach a lovely and lively Year 6 class.

On the wall, I noticed a poster their teacher had created for Kindness Awards. We talked about the kind things they had done for others.

I asked them what they had also done to be kind to themselves so far today. This is what they came up with:Be Kind To Yourself (2)

  • Had a drink
  • Started with a healthy breakfast
  • Smiled at themselves in the mirror
  • Yawned!
  • Spoken  a kind word to themselves
  • Exercised

We talked about how looking after ourselves by being kind to our mind, body and heart would put us in a great space to also be kind to others.

What have you done to be kind to you today?

JT x

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Be A Witch

Today’s supply teaching adventure was to a school in the Surrey Hills and a Year 6 class.

I’d not been there before and a very rushed, stressed teacher explained I’d find everything I needed to know on the white board. She said she had very high expectations of her class for handwriting, content and behavour and that I needed to stamp on them and be a  ‘witch‘. I took a breathe, paused, looked her in the eye, smiled and responded ‘right OK’.


I spent the afternoon casting spells with the children, which  included –

-Belly breathing
-Alternative nostril breathing – to liven us up and get creativity flowing
– Rectangular breathing
-Mindful Handwriting
– Simple energy work with breath and body.

These spells were pretty transformational and high standards and focus were achieved.

One boy came to talk to me to say his 75 year old Nan teaches him yoga and it really helps him to concentrate with his extra homework and relaxes him at bedtime. Another said he really enjoyed it and could I leave the spells on the board. It helped me connect enormously with the children and at the end of the day there was a touching, heart felt thank you from them as they left.

If you would like to know how to cast spells on your work colleagues, friends, family and children then join me for my next workshop in February.


Jane x

How I long to ‘BE’-Long

In 1998,  I read a book to my Year 3 class called ‘Dumpling’ by Dick King Smith. It’s a story about an especially short Dachshund (sausage dog) who longs to be-long. We really enjoyed the story, the play on words and  other titles in this series such as ‘Omnibomulator’ and ‘Blessu’


Yesterday, a friend was talking to me about ‘longing’and asked me for advice on how to  deal with this sensation.

I suggested they sit, close their eyes and notice what they long for, allow it to be there, have courage and observe it, thank it for popping by and be curious and kind. Could they take a 360 view of the longing and explore it from all angles.

Often longing is something heartfelt, personal and unique to us, it can also be painful.

It is a reminder of who we are.

With the help of some magic from the witch’s cat, Dumpling did get longer, however after many unfortunate adventures later he ‘longs’ to be short once more.

So if today you are longing for something be it love, peace, happiness, security, sweets, beer, wine – well it is Friday – just sit and notice it for a moment first.

Longing is a reminder of who we are, delve deep – we are what we long for – it’s inside – discover your own magic.

Jane x




Precipitation Pose – How Yoga can help teach ‘The Water Cycle’

Precipitation Pose

A supply teaching adventure took me to a wonderful school over in Chilworth, Surrey. I stopped several times to take photos on route, it was a refreshing space with friendly smiling welcoming faces in a beautiful setting.

I had a Science lesson to deliver to a Year 4 class on the ‘Water Cycle’ which I have taught many times over the years.

After registration, I did a couple of short left and right brain relaxation / mindful activities with them, which changed their restless ‘state’ from playtime into a calmer more present one.

This linked in nicely to how the water cycle is also about changes of state – liquids, solids and gases. The usual labelled pictures of clouds, rain, mountains, trees, rain, rivers and the sea ensued.

There was just 5 minutes left before assembly so we explored the water cycle using yoga as in a playful and reinforcing way.

The class did gentle inhale and exhales to blow clouds,  used fingers for pretend rain whilst reciting the word precipitation slowly squatting down to create the sea,  gently waving from side to side, created circles as the sun warmed the earth,  slowly stood and repeated saying evaporation, rose up became cooler and repeated condensation and then repeated the cycle. We of course threw in a couple of wobbly tree and mountain poses and remembered to breath.  With more time there was much more we could have explored together.

If you know a school who you feel would benefit from learning how to weave yoga and mindfulness simply across their day to create calm and connected teachers and pupils please get in touch. I’m running workshops.

Jane Tyson