Random Acts of Self Kindness for Kids

Today was a return visit to supply teach a lovely and lively Year 6 class. On the wall, I noticed a poster their teacher had created for Kindness Awards. We talked about the kind things they had done for others. I asked them what they had also done to be kind to themselves so far today. This is what they came up with: Had a drink Started with a healthy breakfast Smiled at themselves in the mirror Yawned! Spoken  a kind word to themselves Exercised We talked about how looking after ourselves by being kind to our mind, body and … Continue reading Random Acts of Self Kindness for Kids

Be A Witch

Today’s supply teaching adventure was to a school in the Surrey Hills and a Year 6 class. I’d not been there before and a very rushed, stressed teacher explained I’d find everything I needed to know on the white board. She said she had very high expectations of her class for handwriting, content and behavour and that I needed to stamp on them and be a  ‘witch‘. I took a breathe, paused, looked her in the eye, smiled and responded ‘right OK’. I spent the afternoon casting spells with the children, which  included – -Belly breathing -Alternative nostril breathing – to … Continue reading Be A Witch

How I long to ‘BE’-Long

In 1998,  I read a book to my Year 3 class called ‘Dumpling’ by Dick King Smith. It’s a story about an especially short Dachshund (sausage dog) who longs to be-long. We really enjoyed the story, the play on words and  other titles in this series such as ‘Omnibomulator’ and ‘Blessu’ Yesterday, a friend was talking to me about ‘longing’and asked me for advice on how to  deal with this sensation. I suggested they sit, close their eyes and notice what they long for, allow it to be there, have courage and observe it, thank it for popping by and … Continue reading How I long to ‘BE’-Long

Precipitation Pose – How Yoga can help teach ‘The Water Cycle’

Precipitation Pose A supply teaching adventure took me to a wonderful school over in Chilworth, Surrey. I stopped several times to take photos on route, it was a refreshing space with friendly smiling welcoming faces in a beautiful setting. I had a Science lesson to deliver to a Year 4 class on the ‘Water Cycle’ which I have taught many times over the years. After registration, I did a couple of short left and right brain relaxation / mindful activities with them, which changed their restless ‘state’ from playtime into a calmer more present one. This linked in nicely to how … Continue reading Precipitation Pose – How Yoga can help teach ‘The Water Cycle’