Exploring Play – Knock Out

Day 2 of Exploring Play (see previous post for Day 1!)

Luke doesn’t remember slipping,  he says he wasn’t high up, but the fall knocked him out and left him dizzy, dazed and confused –


My 11 year old son went off to play with his friends and they ended up at their usual hang out  on the ‘green’.

Luke’s always been good at climbing trees and loves the creative meditative flow it brings, the physical challenge and independence. We taught him how to climb them when he was small and ways to also test for dead branches and good ones to put weight on etc. As always, he partly climbed the tree on the green, but fell upon descent.

A trip to A&E confirmed he had mild concussion. My husband, a journalist, is away in Yemen for 3 weeks. Each time he goes away one of the kids ends up in A&E, perhaps I have now completely jinxed us by writing this.

We encourage our children to play out, assess risks, explore and be independent as often as possible, one of the reasons we moved into this area and why we also went as a family to live in Tanzania for 2 years.

Today, I have read around the pros and cons of tree climbing and encouraged Luke to as well.

This article was pretty sobering – http://www.openwaldorf.com/treeclimbing.html

I gave my definition of ‘play’ in my previous blog post – so how was this experience/accident ‘playful’?  I believe my son took a risk, explored with confidence, made a mistake,  learned from the experience and will need to consider whether he does it again and take a fresh perspective.

More play less daze next time. x





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