A ‘Should’ Sorry?

Yesterday, my kids had a scratchy day. One of them had thumped the other during a football kick about together with us and their behaviour continued to slip all day. I didn’t occur to me until close to bed that their bad feelings towards all day were a result of the earlier conflict. They’d been too cross to speak about it at time and we didn’t delve deeply into it, sort of let them make up and deal with it themselves moment. I’m also not one for forcing a ‘sorry’ when it isn’t meant just because we think as adults … Continue reading A ‘Should’ Sorry?

Family Connection – Too Busy To Read?

How to Connect with Children by Reading Mindlessly Ever picked up a book and just read it to your child without having a clue what you’ve just said because you’ve got so much else on your mind and you were distracted? Reading together is a wonderful way to spend time together and to connect as a parent whatever the child’s age.  Yet not always easy to do when we are busy running around, shuttling school runs, working, shopping, cleaning etc. Below I share a simple way we can connect to ourselves, slow down and become more present to ourselves before … Continue reading Family Connection – Too Busy To Read?

Exploring Play – Knock Out

Day 2 of Exploring Play (see previous post for Day 1!) Luke doesn’t remember slipping,  he says he wasn’t high up, but the fall knocked him out and left him dizzy, dazed and confused – My 11 year old son went off to play with his friends and they ended up at their usual hang out  on the ‘green’. Luke’s always been good at climbing trees and loves the creative meditative flow it brings, the physical challenge and independence. We taught him how to climb them when he was small and ways to also test for dead branches and good … Continue reading Exploring Play – Knock Out

Exploring Play

I am going to spend the next few months exploring play and writing about it. Yesterday we met two musicians who said they explored play through their music and that they were reminded recently  that music was play. What words does ‘play’ conjure up for you?  These came to my mind – exploration,  experimentation, creativity, spontaneity, free from goals, challenge, thinking outside the box, collaboration, connection, balance, negotiation. Shake it Up Play x       Continue reading Exploring Play

It’s so Unfair

Yesterday we went to visit Rosamund community gardens, Pewley Downs, Guildford. Initially my children didn’t want to go with me to the point one of them cried real tears that I was daring to leave the house  –  ‘it’s so unfair’ They cut, chopped and pressed apples, mixed mud with straw to make mud houses and came home with bottles of apple juice. They didn’t want to leave – ‘it’s so unfair’.   Continue reading It’s so Unfair