School Run Calm – Part 1

School Run Calm

Picture the following scene, is this a typical morning for you –

The children are dressed,  bags are packed, stationery organised, homework complete and filed, healthy and nutritious breakfast eaten, everyone is laughing and talking with their cleaned shiny teeth, polished shoes are on, children are best friends and skip merrily into school, you are the happiest, connected, organised parent on the playground.

For many parents we speak to this simply isn’t the case and that’s OK, the reality is somedays can be frantic and others fantastic.

How can we set ourselves up for the day as we intend to go on? How can we create an organised, connected and calm morning where we all feel positive and set for the day.

Morning Calm & Connection (3)

Here are my first set of tips –

Try to get up before your family – some Mind Space before the noise, it might just be a quiet cup of tea on the sofa, a meditation, journalling (see previous posts),  yoga, a walk simply in the garden,  other exercise. Whatever it is that gives you some time out before everyone else is up.

Visualise how you would like your morning to go and how you would like to be within the morning – mentally take yourself through the steps the morning school run requires.

Smile at yourself, feel your smile let it radiate out.

Hug Yourself Whilst this next tip sounds a bit weird, strange and maybe uncomfortable to do – give yourself a hug. If you feel good about you this will transmit to your family, shine on you and then shine on them.   Later when they are up you can share your smile and hug with them too.

Affirmations – If you use or write affirmations now is a good time to say and repeat them to create feelings of positivity and to bring you to the present moment, for example you might have some written down like –

I am grateful for…
I just know that something good is going to happen
Today I will be… open and expand my heart to the vibration of calm… peace… positivity…kindness etc
I am organised


Sometimes people say to me that when they get up from doing these morning rituals they start to rush about and loose the positive mindset and sense of calm. It will require concious effort to do sustain it – like all things that are good for us.

Regularly check in with how you feel, put up post-its to remind yourself and even ping messages on your phone – whatever works for you. Over time you will notice yourself more in this great space,  it’s important to create a daily routine and habit to start with.

In my next post I’ll talk about how we can continue to stay in this positive and calm mindset along with other approaches and strategies you can share with your children for a calm, connected, positive and organised school run.

school run

Jane Tyson x


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