Fantastic – it’s nearly school run time!

Are you excited about getting back to school, will you be waking up on the day and leaping joyfully out of bed?

Picture this scene, is this your family –

The children are dressed,  bags are packed, stationery organised, homework complete and filed, healthy and nutritious breakfast eaten, everyone is laughing and talking with their cleaned shiny teeth, polished shoes are on, children are best friends and skip merrily into school, you are the happiest, connected parent on the playground.

Jane Tyson (3)

Imagine it now, feel it.

Is this real life, can it really happen?

I’m going to share a talk and blog over the next couple of days with some tools, techniques and strategies to help you work towards creating a calm, connected, serene and smug morning!

Watch this space…

JUntitled design.jpgT x


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