Only Yew.

I have this print out on my wall from a Zen card and keep getting drawn to point 12 –

Become no one. Just be more of yourself.

I’ve been contemplating it for a while as I often read about becoming a better person and have thought I needed to change



We have many qualities inside of us, we don’t always know they are there, sometimes someone comes along to shine a light instead on them to bring them to our conciousness. Then we learn to switch them on ourselves and light up others too.

I’ve met some very wise people recently, some of them have spirit/totem animals who guide them. Recently a wise acupuncturist, healer and counsellor said her life animal guide was a ‘panda‘. I looked at the qualities she had come to shine this way and have written down the key words that resonated and wrote them on my vision board ( Previous posts)

panda totem

Yesterday, my friend and I discovered a yew tree and this wise, nurturing, playful, peaceful, heart centred panda friend also shared some more Qi Qong moves.


Today, an early morning walk took me past a van saying ‘Shoots & Leaves’ so I took this as a playful panda sign too.

It took me a meditation and a walk to also see the message in the photo below of us both –

yew 3

‘Be More YEW’

What qualities have you noticed in yourself today, what’s lurking within, what do you want to be more of?

Now I’ve got lots of songs in my head –

Only Yew..
Yew 2



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