A MindSpace Space – Possibilities

What do you do to stay in a high vibe for the day – maybe meditation, prayer, walking, yoga, affirmations, mantras, exercise, journaling, etc works for you?
With a full moon tomorrow and inspiration from the Olympics, it’s a great week to review intentions/goals and create new ones. Lots online about this too if it’s your bag.
I’m enjoying being at home this week and having some creative head space, been adding to my working ‘mind-space’ wall, refreshed my goals – personal, family, financial, business, physical, spiritual and charity – and the children are working on theirs too.
Over the past few months, I’ve been reading an excellent book called ‘Think & Grow Rich for Women’, dipping into chapters and spending time thinking on them. For me it means ‘richness’ of life not just money. My father used to read the original Napoleon Hill version to me as a child.
So the mind-space wall contains lots of the quotes I’ve collected, ideas, inspiration, pictures and more and I’m continuing to add to it. Great to wake up and read from in the morning.  So many POSSIBILITIES.
Also a good space for children too, lots of ideas on pintrest.
Have an intentional, high vibe day.

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