Think Less, Feel More.

Children Love it When We Are Playful
What have you done today that has tapped into your playful side?
Maybe you’ve sung a song, danced while you hoovered or showered, laughed at yourself or got down with the kids and played in a paddling pool, on the swings, slid down a slide, had some fun making lunch with eachother, giggled at a TV show together?

Our children love to  see us being playful, and when we are playful together it brings us to the moment- the present. We can all relax together,  enjoy one other, learn and importantly connect.
It doesn’t have to be an organised play activity, we can just sit alongside them and be with what they are doing. You could say –
‘I’m just going to sit here with you because I like your company and I enjoy being with you’
Then be quiet. (even with older kids you can try this, they might think you are quite strange to begin with but just see where it takes you)
Sit and do nothing.
Wait and see where they lead you…
Try not to think too much about it, just  enjoy being and ‘feel’ the experience and connect to them with your head and heart, ground yourself to where you are.
Maybe if you end up doing nothing then that’s OK, they might just enjoy some stillness, space and silence with you, perhaps it’s what you both need at this moment.
If you end up ‘doing’ then let them lead, avoid asking questions, judging, expecting, ‘shoulding’ –  go with the playful flow. Moment by Moment. Heart to Heart.

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