In One Ear & Out the Other

Executive Functioning Memory –

I’d never heard of this up until the past couple of years when I taught with a colleague who had  difficulties with it and pointed out I might have too!  I’ve read widely and extensively around it now and can see how difficulties in EFM present themselves so broadly in both children and adults. It’s definitely not a one size fits all approach.

I was the child at school who would sit there and listen determined to learn and it would go in one ear out the other and then I’d start playing up, distracting, talking, not concentrating – the class clown. I had no idea that it might be down to difficulties in my EFM, don’t think the words existed back then. I had trouble sequencing, remembering, recall,  organising my time, prioritising, sometimes I’d just be in a fog. I requested to be moved down into lower streams as the teachers spoke slowler and more clearly and gave me more time to understand new concepts. My confidence in my academic abilities was low and I often ‘failed’ and felt a failure. 

I found other ways to get round learning and exams and eventually made it to University where I studied modules on Special Educational Needs, Psychology, Presentation skills, Different learning styles, Theories of motivation, Memory and more. I learned new approaches to learning such as mind mapping, colour coding and pneumonics,  it was such an exciting, refreshing and reassuring time for me and I started to love learning and didn’t care I couldn’t remember it all.

When I went into teaching my passion was always for the ‘naughty’ children, the kids who couldn’t get started on things, finish work, easily distracted, low self esteem and low confidence as having gone through similar I knew strategies to help them and I had patience and empathy.

I’m co-presenting a workshop entitled ‘Raising a Special Needs Family’ on September 9th, perhaps you know someone who might benefit from the tools, techniques and strategies we’ll be sharing and would to meet some parents going through the same as them too?


Jane x


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