Stop what you are doing (1)

Do you ever find it hard to complete tasks, get easily over whelmed, side-tracked, find time/project management difficult and have trouble focusing and so on?  I think most of us are pretty distracted these days!

The STOP technique is a great way to support distraction and was created in 2010 by Stahl and Goldstein ‘remember to remember’ what happens last, and works well for adults and children with ADHD and anyone who needs to STOP.

A pause between transitions.

It may take a while to create this new habit, for some the rule of 21 days may work for others it could take a year.

To help remember it it might be useful to have it ping up as a phone reminder, written on posts its, mirrors, children could design and make own posters etc.

How can it help a child?

‘I need to remember to bring my homework home, STOP, pack homework, get home STOP reflect on what needs to be done, sit down to do it, STOP, I’ve finished my homework (STOP, bring attention to the moment, notices books on table, puts them in the bag – completes task.

‘Cleans teeth – pause, STOP, attend to moment, next I need to get my pyjamas on.

And so on…

(This was adapted from Mindful Parenting For ADHD by Mark Bertin)

Perhaps you know some other successful techniques too?

Jane x



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