Lesson from a Festival – Connection, Collaboration and Community

This weekend my family and I have been at a festival called  ‘Camp Bestival’.  It’s something we’ve done for almost 8 years and has become our main summer holiday.


We all love adventure and variety, but there’s something quite comforting about going back to the festival each year, the children love it and there’s always so many unexpected surprises.


I think the children also enjoy it so much because it connects us very much as a family, we aren’t distracted and are more physically, mindfully and heart-fully there for each other. 4 nights under canvas and  5 days wandering around fields is quite refreshing and tiring at the same time and helps us to reset and restore.

It also gives us all time when we are there to visit things independently in a safe environment.


I dipped in and out of the yoga fields which were free this year and  enjoyed learning new things and meeting refreshing new like-minded friends. I went to talks and sessions on  Qi Gong, Fusion Yoga, Grounding Meditations, a Self Care & Love talk, a Shamen Dance and Trance which ended up being quite profound and a talk on ‘How to Create a Happy Household’



Recently, themes and words which keep dancing and singing to me are ‘collaboration, connection and community’and these again were  constantly reinforced at the festival.

I wanted to translate some of this learning into my yoga, meditation and parenting workshops and today have created this short video over here


How are your holidays going.

Keep on Dancing x


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