How To Maintain Calm and Connection Around a ‘Temper Tantrum’

A child experiencing a temper tantrum can be a stressful and frustrating experience for us all. This blog is aimed at toddlers but the tips are very transferable. It is worth keeping in mind that often (not always) the screaming is a symptom of the child’s anger and frustration when they don’t have the vocabulary to explain what’s really wrong. Therefore, it does not help when we raise our voice, punish the tantrum or walk away. Staying calm and identifying what is wrong will help you to handle the situation quickly and effectively especially if you can get in there … Continue reading How To Maintain Calm and Connection Around a ‘Temper Tantrum’


My husband is home which means I can get out walking early and leave him and the children sleeping. In the woods I smelt wood smoke and realised it was the leftover fire filtering through from our garden. Yesterday, my husband started to clear space for a shed/den for the children. In the woods, I looked for natural arches over pathways. Then made up some Qi Gong  next to a favourite Oak Tree and perched quietly on my favourite fallen bench just listening, observing, smelling and enjoying. JayTee x Continue reading Arches

Only Yew.

I have this print out on my wall from a Zen card and keep getting drawn to point 12 – Become no one. Just be more of yourself. I’ve been contemplating it for a while as I often read about becoming a better person and have thought I needed to change   We have many qualities inside of us, we don’t always know they are there, sometimes someone comes along to shine a light instead on them to bring them to our conciousness. Then we learn to switch them on ourselves and light up others too. I’ve met some very … Continue reading Only Yew.

‘When children engage their senses with the world around them, they feel happier and more hopeful about life’ Marie Manuchehri

Finding Magic in the Woods with Luke. Walk. Breathe. Stop. Notice. Smell. Breathe. Listen. Repeat ‘When children engage their senses with the world around them, they feel happier and more hopeful about life‘ Marie Manuchehri ‘Stop being weird mum’ Chakra Number 2 JT x #rewildthechild #mindfulness #summerfunandlearning Continue reading ‘When children engage their senses with the world around them, they feel happier and more hopeful about life’ Marie Manuchehri

Mindfulopoly – Connection Through Collaboration & Play

My daughter’s main love language is ‘time’, for many children and adults ‘time is love’ Over the past 5 days we’ve played monopoly together. We’ve only got a little travel, she gets it all out and blu tacs the hotels in place each day. We play for about 30 – 45 minutes (her choice) and then take a photo of where we’ve got up to for the next time, and leave it out if possible. Yesterday,  I’d left the window ajar and the money blew everywhere.  With only 2 of us playing I feel this game could go on for … Continue reading Mindfulopoly – Connection Through Collaboration & Play

Family Yoga Flow

Yoga At Home  Would you like to have time during the week for yoga with your children, a time to connect, play, laugh, stretch, relax learn from each other and grow?  Perhaps you are finding it tricky to find a class and time to suit.  Practising yoga at home with your family can tick a lot of these boxes. I’m going to share some ideas below for ways I’ve weaved it into my family life over the past 11 years and hope it gives you some ideas and confidence to try it at home too. Post Natal Yoga When my … Continue reading Family Yoga Flow

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Tips for surviving long journeys Part 1 – Car Journeys Are you planning a long journey with children, if so how are you feeling about it, perhaps you’re already a seasoned experienced traveller? I’ve done quite a bit of independent long distance travel over the years, last year we returned from a 2 year adventure in Tanzania. My husband often travels/works long hours so in the holidays I regularly drive in the car with the kids in tow to Carlisle to spend time with cousins, which can be around 8 hours if the traffics heavy. Based on these experiences and … Continue reading Are We Nearly There Yet?

A MindSpace Space – Possibilities

What do you do to stay in a high vibe for the day – maybe meditation, prayer, walking, yoga, affirmations, mantras, exercise, journaling, etc works for you? With a full moon tomorrow and inspiration from the Olympics, it’s a great week to review intentions/goals and create new ones. Lots online about this too if it’s your bag. I’m enjoying being at home this week and having some creative head space, been adding to my working ‘mind-space’ wall, refreshed my goals – personal, family, financial, business, physical, spiritual and charity – and the children are working on theirs too. Over the … Continue reading A MindSpace Space – Possibilities

In One Ear & Out the Other

Executive Functioning Memory – I’d never heard of this up until the past couple of years when I taught with a colleague who had  difficulties with it and pointed out I might have too!  I’ve read widely and extensively around it now and can see how difficulties in EFM present themselves so broadly in both children and adults. It’s definitely not a one size fits all approach. I was the child at school who would sit there and listen determined to learn and it would go in one ear out the other and then I’d start playing up, distracting, talking, … Continue reading In One Ear & Out the Other

Think Less, Feel More.

Children Love it When We Are Playful What have you done today that has tapped into your playful side? Maybe you’ve sung a song, danced while you hoovered or showered, laughed at yourself or got down with the kids and played in a paddling pool, on the swings, slid down a slide, had some fun making lunch with eachother, giggled at a TV show together?   Our children love to  see us being playful, and when we are playful together it brings us to the moment- the present. We can all relax together,  enjoy one other, learn and importantly connect. … Continue reading Think Less, Feel More.