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How To Create a Calm, Cool, Connected Summer Holiday

Summer holidays are here – 6 weeks with our children – how are you feeling about family/business/work balance?


Would you like to create a calm, connected and cooperative household?  A summer where you feel positive and confident about your child’s screen time, Pokemon runs, sibling squabbles, exercise, chores and responsibilties, healthy snacks, mealtimes behaviour, budgets, bored time and bedtimes.

Below are my first 3 tips – the 3Rs – Rules, Responsibilities & Routine to set you off in the right direction. There’s also an opportunity to receive a copy of my free ‘Summer Agreement’ for families.

The Three Rs


Most children respond well to rules, it makes them feel safe and secure, they know what is expected from them and each other.  Family meetings are a great way to introduce Household Agreements and Rules and a space and place to talk about why rules might be important for your family. Agree on them together – maximum 5. How could you display them?  I’ll be delving deeper into creating rules over on my page.


Planned, prepared and positive responsibilities teach our children that as part of a family, everyone needs to share the workload. Having valued chores makes them respect us more as we are not just their ‘servant’ who cooks, cleans and drives them around. They will appreciate our job as parents more and feel a valued part of the family community. Sit down together and talk about who can do what and when. Write it down as an agreement and aim to stick to it. You’ll be surprised at what they can do and actually want to do.


Many children LOVE routine, it makes family life an easier place to be, as everyone knows what will happen and when. You may like to make a chart where together your write or draw your daily routine eg,.getting up, breakfast, leaving the house, dinner, screen time, bath time, bed time, etc. Make it visual for everyone to see. Instead of nagging, just refer to your routine chart.

Of course children will always test our limits so there will be times when we may need to talk through their behaviour and use other strategies. Yesterday on my page I talked about a Fourth R which is at the ‘heart’ of every family and underpins all my workshops.

If you would like a free copy of my ‘Summer Agreement’ which my family and I have drawn up, please email

Click here for more parenting tips, posts and talks to help you move forward in a calm, connected and confident way this Summer.

Jane Tyson x

mum, teacher, parenting guide, yoga & mindfulness teacher, personal growth facilitator and founder of LoveWhatWeDo

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Cool Calm & Connected

Over on my parenting page I have a Summer Parenting Campaign.
So how are you getting on with your Calm, Connected and Cool Summer?

Hope you enjoyed my live talks and posts on the 3Rs – Rules, Routine and Responsibility.

Have you found you need them at the moment – maybe you are just really relaxing and enjoying ‘being’ at the moment and not having things to do and that’s OK we all need some head space.

Soon though you might find that you’d quite like to introduce a little more routine and responsibility, especially if you are home, to punctuate your day. I’ve always found that if my children know there’s a couple of small things planned it actually makes them go off independently to find things to do and gives them some focus and motivation.

Ask them what they’d like to do – maybe one thing in the morning and one in the afternoon, even a card or board game could be scheduled in, a walk to the park, river etc – more ideas on my ‘Learning & Fun’ Friday posts.

Regarding responsibilities, now might be a good time to introduce them to a new skill such as how to use the washing machine, sort colours and sock drawers, teach them how to tidy their rooms, make beds, hoover, write a list together of what they ‘can’ do, you’ll be surprised.. It doesn’t have to be a huge list maybe one or two household chores each day, so you don’t begin to feel resentful that you are doing everything.

At our coffee morning on ‘Summer Fun & Learning’ we spoke to a lady who had children in their twenties She said she really wished she had got her children into helping out at home at a much younger age and made it a ‘normal’ part of the day as she really battled with it when they were older.