A Random Diablog – Distrackted

A Random DiaBlog

How Often Do you Notice you are Dis-Trackted?

Our path in life is not always clear, actually it’s pretty unclear for most of us. For those of you who have worked out your main route (congratulations), you might notice though how often you get side-tracked, dis-track–ted, or even lost, but that’s all just perfectly how it’s meant to be.
Sometimes, it maybe just a little tiring not feeling on track,  it might be like being pulled in different directions and even trodden on.
When we do slow down and take time out, how easy do you find it to be quiet and gentle on yourself? There’s always lots of other things we need to DO and our head is busy thinking about them… a wash to put on, a meal to cook, a blog to write,  shopping to buy, kids to collect, paperwork to complete, an email to answer, a room to decorate, a lawn to mow, a car to hoover…  I’ve met people who feel guilty if they sit down. It’s really important to allow yourself time out though, whatever it is that helps you to settle and quieten, to get back on one of your tracks.

Wake Up and Smell The Trees

Whichever path you are on,  remember to look up and smell the trees, take time to pause and be gentle and kind to you.


It may help to visualise roots growing from your feet holding you strong and  supporting you.


Take a few nice deep breathes to slow your pace and just notice.

Wherever I lay my path, that’s my home 

Just imagine the path is running through you, down through your centre, it is you. You are the path.  Where you are is your path. And by noticing where you and imagining this path, it may help you to stay more aligned with it and help you to place it gently onto the course you’d like it be on once more.
Everything is a perfect path, it’s OK to get sidetracked and distrackted all part of the twists and turns of life .

The Possibility of Courage

Take 2

Did you know that simply sitting for 2 minutes each morning and exploring a  a little quiet time to check in with you can make a big difference to your day.  You may enjoy meditation, journalling,  listening, chantingc  whatever works,  go with your flow, nobody is watching. 🙃

During this time maybe set an intention for how you would like to BE today in the busyness of your day.

I enjoy creating a word of the day and today, it is ‘courage’.



It’s None Of My Business

There’s something on my mind and I’m going to say it today. And it will be none of my business how those around me react or respond.

Anytime AnyPlace Anywhere 

Morning’s been and gone and you were too busy? That’s OK you can do this anytime, anyplace, anywhere.  Allow yourself a little time out to just BE

We will explore more on resilience at this  monthly workshop. I’m running one for adults and one for children. More info here

How about you, would love to hear your word of the day.

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Presently Purple

A Random Diablog

Is there a colour you are drawn to in this moment and have you considered why?

As a child, my father encouraged my sister and I to ‘Think Purple’. Presently, I’m enjoying purple and am exploring its meanings. My sister wrote a blog on it, as she named her art studios in Australia ‘Think Purple Art Studios’, so I’ve pasted snippets of her reflections below-

💜What is Think Purple?💜

To ‘Think purple’ means to live every moment in the perfect balance of joy, happiness and positivity. Living a life in this way is contagious and rubs off on the people we come into contact with on a daily basis.

The colour purple calls for creative doings and seeks inspiration and originality through its creative effort. It likes to be unique, individual and independent, not one of the crowd.
Purple is gender-less and contains just the right amount of masculine and feminine tones. It is a way of being and living in the moment.


I noticed these flowers on a walk into Guildford earlier today.

What’s your colour of the moment and do you know why? 💜

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A Random DiaBLOG on Snow Monks

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Half Term Zen

This week during half term,  we visited our friend Yeshe Trinley, a monk at the Kagyu Samye Ling Monestery in Scotland. We were staying with our cousins in Carlisle.  so it was only an hours drive away.

The Monastery really is a hidden gem, and anyone can stay or visit, it’s in the top 10 Scottish visitor attractions. It even has a a lovely coffee shop and free WiFi 🙄 There’s a wonderful selection of events on each month, so tempted by them all.

A Snow Monk

We also went for a beautiful walk with Trinley. I always have a million questions about life, the universe and conciousness and how to create world peace 🤣

Meanwhile, my children and their cousins loved playing in the snow, they were totally engaged for a good couple of hours. They made a snow monk.

And there was me distracted with Trinley learning more about how to meditate and be present and my  teachers are infront of me, already totally peaceful and playful and I’m not properly noticing!

Play is childrens’ natural state, it’s the space they create from.

No Need To Meditate Just Play!

Kids teach us how to be playful and present and we teach them how to to DO!

Notice, Breathe, Play, BE.

We are the light, we just need to remember to switch it on.

Jane x



Walk Slowly – Random Notes of Wisdom

In 2014 whilst trekking in the Usembero Mountains in Tanzania, I decided I’d like to explore meditation more, so I said out loud: ‘Dear Universe, I’d like to find a meditation mentor please.’  The next morning I was up really early to go on a dawn chorus/bird spotting walk, in these stunning mountains.


Elizabeth teaching my daughter the art of laying still.

I got chatting to  a lady called Elizabeth from Belize who I’d had a few conversations with back at the huts, and found out she was a Yoga and Meditation teacher. She truly was. She embodied all that was beautiful, peaceful, and kind about the practices and I was very inspired by her.  She gave me direction on where to start and later sent me this poem -.

]Random Note 3.png

I’m creating Random Notes of Wisdom and posting them on my Instagram page #frustrationexpert.

Please do write one of yours in the comments below, and  I’ll make and share one for you.



Christmas Peace

All is Karma
All is Bright.

A Christmas Calm Post 🙄

In this mornings home yoga practice I set an intention to notice my breathing.
By bringing awareness to our breath we cultivate peace.

random wisley
I was also very aware of the birds chattering.

What will you notice today that brings you to the present moment?

And breathe.




Competition is a Good Thing… Right?

The Fear of Missing Out

I was in conversations with groups of mums on Wednesday.
They said their kids were attending too many after-school clubs, and sports, and activities and that they were feeling exhausted by the enormous pressure trying to keep on top of it all. Yet, the other Mums seem to manage. They told me that they didn’t want their children to lose out or feel less significant than the other children.

Are we Good Enough?

There appears to be an unwritten rule that has these women compare and compete or else as a parent, they just aren’t good enough.
One Canadian mum was surprised at how early kids in the UK learn to be competitive and the number of clubs on offer that encourages children as young as three to compete and compare! Untitled design (15)
They are still babies. Not yet children. And they are being turned into Mini-Adults.

Competition is meant to be a good thing. Right? 

Is it?
I have this whole thing going on right now about ‘comparison‘, and now it’s in my mind I am seeing it everywhere, virtually all the time.
Being on Instagram does not help OMG.🤤
#frustrationexpert (13)
My hairdresser was talking about her looming beach holiday and how she is dreading going away with her friend because her friend is so much skinnier and beautiful.
There was no way she is going to sit next to her on the beach!

The Anti Sticker & Reward Chart Teacher/Mum 

And then there is the child who gets a merit at school just for being kind – what about all the others?
Shouldn’t children just be kind, anyway? Will they become like Pavlov’s Dogs and only be kind when they are rewarded?
Or a certificate for ‘good’ work, when they enjoyed intrinsically creating the work and didn’t need a reward for doing so.
For several years, I’ve been harping on about my dislike of stickers and rewards for children, yawn. There are numerous studies to support the effects rewards have on children as a short gain for a longer term pain. As Alfie Kohn, parenting expert says:
The more we want our children to do something, the more counterproductive it it will be to reward them for doing so“.
I’ve also been fascinated by what makes people tick since I graduated in Education and Psychology at The University of Wales in 1994.
Rewards make our children compliant and less likely to create independently again.  Can you truly say reward charts work for you, or did you create a behaviour in your child which meant s/he would only do it for an incentive? Been there, done that. And again it’s a measure of comparison.

So for today, Just Notice

For today though, just notice how much you compare yourself and others and what we do.

Catch yourself comparing and listen out for others too.
How is constant comparing healthy for our children? How is it healthy for us!
Do we start comparing  our child from the moment they are conceived?

Is Mindfulness the Answer?

I originally started writing this about mindfulness which the mums and I discussed too, as they were keen for their children to learn it. I keep seeing lots of mindful cards for children in my Facebook newsfeed. I’m qualified to teach yoga and mindfulness to children yet while I see how enormously beneficial they it concerns me there is so much out there now about it when we aren’t addressing what’s at the root of the increase in children’s mental health problems.

Why not let our kids be kids? So they have time to BE kids?

Because that’s their expertise and they are excellent at it.
The point of power is always in the present momentLouise Hay (3)
Doing and Comparing sidetracks us from the main thing where they all score 100% – For being creators.
When we allow them to BE, they just create, and we educators and parents can take a step back.
We find that we really don’t need to do so much. We also need to allow ourselves to BE too.
How we are is far more important and joyful than having to continually do things to satisfy …. What?
Are we in fear of doing nothing?
My advice to all the ‘comparing mums’, including myself:
follow your hearts, your gut feelings, your values. The herd are going the wrong way.
When we are prepared to change our behaviour, the pressure will be lifted from our kid’s shoulders.
We can realistically approach the issues arising because their friends have or do not have XYZ and realise just how ridiculously unfair it all is.
Join me in Guildford on the 11th February where I’ll be discussing this topic further and sharing with you ways we can create ‘Happy Kids’ 
More about our other workshops and meet ups at RandomDialogues